What Does the Leo Sign Symbol Mean?

Leo Sign Symbol
The zodiac sign Leo is defined by the symbol or glyph of a lion, its mane, and two halves of the heart. It's the fifth astrological sign and guides people born from July 23rd to August 22nd.

The zodiac encompasses twelve signs and zodiac constellations that divide the sky into twelve sections. They have been around for centuries and help reveal a lot about a person’s personality. Each sign also has a glyph or symbol that represents the mythology behind it.  

What Are The 7 Symbols Of Leo?

The most common zodiac symbols that represent Leo are:


The planetary ruler of Leo is the Sun, which affects Leo’s horoscope. It gives purpose to the life of people and represents the conscious mind, ego, life force, and will to live. The Sun also directs people and is often considered the leader of the zodiac chart. Like the ruler Sun, Leo is also a leader.

Leo Glyph 

Leo glyph is a curvy and upside down U shape that represents the two halves of the since the zodiac sign rules the heart. Alternatively, some people consider it to be the lion’s mane, which is Leo’s symbol.

According to various astrological texts, the symbol of this zodiac sign is sometimes a curvy U shape that ends with a circle, which looks as if separated into four quadrants. This symbolizes the heart shape and the value of the Leo sign to follow the heart.

Leo sign symbol
The Leo sign symbol on a die.


The animal horoscope symbol for Leo is a lion. The Leo symbol of the king of the jungle, the majestic lion, symbolizes courage, bravery, sovereignty, and rulership. Lions are leaders of the animal kingdom, and Leos are similar to them. They tend to have a regal personality that stands out. 

Leo sign symbol
The Leo sign and constellation.

Fire Element 

The fire element is associated with the Leo sign, along with the Aries and Sagittarius signs. The fire element’s signs are assertive and spontaneous, and they’re known for their traits like pride, courage, creativity, passion, and impulsiveness. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign, making it loyal and passionate. 


The sunflower also represents the star sign Leo and denotes positivity, vitality, strength, and admiration. Besides that, the marigold and gerbera symbolize Leo and indicate passion and happiness, respectively. 

Leo Symbol’s Emoji Meaning

The emoji symbol for Leo is ♌ and depicts the Leo glyph symbol. 

Leo sign symbol
The Leo sign emoji

What Are The 3 Types Of Leo?

A decan is the division of each zodiac sign into three sections or fragments. A zodiac sign is made up of 30 degrees. After dividing the 30 degrees into 3 decans, each decan consists of 10 degrees. The three types of Leo zodiac signs are the three decans.

1st Leo Decan 

The first Leo decan is people with birth dates from July 23rd to August 01st. Ruled by the Sun, they are confident, extroverted, social, and outgoing. A Leo first decan is also a self-lover and seeks attention due to their extrovert nature. 

They exhibit patience and loyalty for people and things that matter to them. Leo Decan 1 will also be a loving or caring person, and they will not hesitate to show it to you. They shower gifts and much more on the people they love. 

These people are also creative and good with imagination. However, these Leos don’t want to look weak and have the ego of lions. They shy away from asking for help when needed because of their pride. 

2nd Leo Decan 

Birth dates from August 02nd to August 12th are the 2nd Leo decan and are ruled by Jupiter. The planet makes them smooth-talkers, free spirits, and fun-loving people. The effect of Jupiter makes them ambitious and expands the horizon of their life. 

People who are 2nd Decan Leo are fond of the stage and love being the center of attention at any party and gathering. 

They have a positive attitude and share words of encouragement with others, which are enough to motivate anyone. These people can express their thoughts well and leave a lasting impression on those around them. 

3rd Leo Decan 

The period from August 13th to August 22nd is the 3rd Leo decan, and the planet Mars rules them. Like the 2nd decan, they are also ambitious people with big aspirations and dreams to achieve. These people exhibit vigor and enthusiasm for chasing their dreams. 

They can also be stubborn and tend to ignore advice from others. They might also have a tough time accepting that they are wrong.

The ruling planet Mars can make them brave. The native is diabolical and motivated to achieve their dreams. They hate monotony and can get bored quickly. They yearn for change and growth and prefer staying in a place for a short time.

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How To Tell If A Person Is A Leo?

These are some of the common characteristics of a Leo that make it easy to recognize them:

Natural Leaders

Leo is a born leader and believes they are best suited for a leadership role. They tend to step up if they think they’re the right person to lead. These people are also ready for everything, and with their regal aura, they quickly usher others to fall in line.


Besides working hard socially, they are also the queen bee of any social setting. They demand gratitude, praise, appreciation, and admiration from everyone around them. 


Leos are known for their flamboyance and flair for drama. They view social interaction as a scene where they take on the role of an entertainer who commands the audience and receives accolades for every move.


The lion protects his pack and his pride. Similarly, Leo considers their family, friends, and colleagues under their protection or rule. They feel responsible for people, especially the ones they believe are vulnerable. 

The Leo is the fifth horoscope sign. The symbol is masculine and ruled by the Sun. It’s also a fire sign popular for attributes like ambition, passion, dedication, truth, and drama. The Leo zodiac symbols are the lion, sunflower, the inverted U glyph, and fire. 

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