About Us

At SymbolScholar, we make it easy for you to learn about symbols and their meanings. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific symbol or want to explore the meaning of symbols in general, our comprehensive guide has you covered. We also offer helpful advice on how to use symbols in your everyday life so that you can bring more meaning and intention into your life.

Our Mission

Symbols are signs, marks, or words that represent or stand for an idea, object, or relationship. Once the symbolic relationship is in place, the symbol becomes universally recognized for what it stands for. Our mission for our website is to increase awareness of many popular symbols.

A red octagon has come to mean “Stop.” “X” stands for an unknown variable in a mathematical equation. A heart means love. A square cross meant a hospital might be nearby, while a cross with an elongated vertical beam is a religious symbol. Many common symbols came into use decades ago and now are the standard symbol for a concept, place, or event. Our site gives insight into why,

Companies spend large sums of advertising dollars to create modern symbols. The office store Staples, for example, has its big red “easy” button. Apple products feature an apple with a bit taken out. Social media companies are known for the Facebook F, the Twitter bird, and the Instagram camera.

Symbols are common in mythology, religion, science, and social interaction. Some are used and recognized by those in a particular field, while others are more widely known. Our site will examine some of the most intriguing symbols in each category.

Our Editorial Process

Learning about symbols requires careful research, while writing about them necessitates a clear style to convey the meaning. Our writing team has mastered both aspects.