Understanding Aquarius Symbols

aquarius symbols
The 12 zodiac signs and constellations in astrology divide the sky into 12 sections. Each zodiac sign has certain personality traits associated with it. Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, and people belonging to this sign are the representatives of the Age of Aquarius. There are numerous symbols associated with the zodiac sign that depicts the various attributes of an Aquarius. People often relate Aquarius with symbols or glyphs like water, the water bearer, and even a lightning bolt. 

What Are the Aquarius Symbols?

The popular signs and symbols often associated with the sun sign Aquarius are:

Water Bearer

The most common Aquarius symbol is a Water Bearer. People mistakenly consider Aquarius a water sign, given the water symbolism, although it is a fixed air sign. In reality, it is the bearer of water, a human that stands for Aquarius. In contrast, the water represents the “life” that an Aquarius bring to others. 

The Water Bearer symbol of Aquarius represents their tendency to focus on humanity and put their visions of a bright future for the entire community.

aquarius symbols
Although Aquarius is not a water sign, the Water Bearer represents an Aquarius’ tendency to bring life to others.

Aquarius Glyph

The Aquarius glyph symbol consists of two parallel zig-zag lines. It is also similar to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic for water which is just two wavy lines. Here the waves are symbolic of wind or air blowing the water. 

The glyph of the zodiac sign Aquarius depicts the dissemination of knowledge. The two identical lines represent an Aquarian’s desire to share information and seek equality.

aquarius symbols
The Aquarius glyph is a symbol of the sharing of knowledge.

Lightning Bolt

While some believe the lightning bolt is another symbol of Aquarius, many say the Aquarius glyph also includes two lightning bolts. 

The lightning bolt symbolizes a spark of enlightenment that descends from the heavens to transform darkness into light. An Aquarius person tends to give humanity an enlightened perspective on life that often transcends the limitations of the material world.

aquarius symbols
With a desire to share knowledge, the lightning bolt symbolizes the enlightenment of an Aquarius.

Planetary Symbol

The modern ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus, also called the Awakener. The glyph for the planet Uranus includes a cross that stands for matter on a circle representing spirit. Besides that, the semi-circles present on each side represent receptivity. 

It’s a complex glyph symbolic of multidimensional perceptions and rapid receptivity experienced as “flashes.” The symbol also looks like a television antenna that brings images to your TV screen from afar. 

The plant Uranus inspires the people of this zodiac sign for the future and to promote innovation or new inventions that push humanity forward.

aquarius symbols
The symbol for Uranus is closely associated with Aquarius.


Another myth associated with the Aquarius constellation is that it symbolizes the need to create a new and better world. People called Aquarius, or the water bearer, Deucalion, during ancient times. He was a Titan who was known for having love for humans. 

According to Greek mythology, during Deucalion, humanity became savage or cruel, and Zeus sent a deluge in his despair. While Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha survived it, Zeus tried to help them create a new and wise race post the flood. 

Due to this, Deucalion became popular as the Water Bearer since he was the one to bring life to a new generation.

aquarius symbols
The Aquarius constellation is associated with Greek mythology.


The zodiac circle of animals depicts Aquarius as a boy. However, some people believe that a spider represents the spirit of Aquarius. The spider under the zodiac sign Aquarius denotes patience, creativity, and duality. 

An Aquarius person is mysterious and complex, much like the eight-legged creature. They are popular for possessing both dark and light energy, similar to the flowing energy from the vase of a water bearer.

aquarius symbols
An Aquarius is known for patience, much like spiders.

What Are The 3 Types Of Aquarius?

All the zodiac signs are present on a zodiac wheel. This wheel separates the 12 zodiac signs by providing each symbol on the zodiac wheel with 30 degrees. 

Aquarius Decan is also a 10-degree or one-third part of the 30-degree Aquarius. There are 3 Aquarius decans, each consisting of 10 degrees. All of them have different rulers, which also affects their personality traits. 

The three types of Aquarians as per the decans are:

Decan 1 

People born between the 21st and 29th of January are 1st Aquarius Decan. Saturn and Uranus rule them and bestow determination and creativity.

They are highly complex people and are challenging to understand. They tend to go against the traditions or rules set by other people. These people are social but want to be with others and like to gather knowledge from any place they can.

Decan 2

The 2nd Aquarius Decan includes people born from 30th January to 8th February. Mercury rules them and improves their curiosity and communication skills.

They have extraordinary reasoning abilities, although they carry a light heart and enjoy humor. These people also have creative and scientific minds and analytical and communication skills. They are ultimate charmers. 

Decan 3

The 3rd Aquarius Decan are people born from 8th February to 18th February and ruled by Venus. This planet gives them charm and unpredictability.

They are good at politics, great leaders, and can stand out among the crowd. These people also have an interest in social work for the community. However, they are also creative, adventurous, and erratic.

What Is Aquarius Spirit Element?

The twelve zodiac signs are further rules by four elements – air, water, fire, and earth. Like the astrological sign rules your personality, the spirit element can also impact you. 

The spirit element of Aquarius is air. Along with Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are also air signs known to be intellectual and fair-minded people.

aquarius symbols
Aquarius is an air sign, so the sign for the element air is associated with Aquarius.

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