What Is The Meaning Of The Lilith Sigil?

Lilith sigil
Lilith is among the most popular and interesting characters of the creation myths. It is a female demon and a religious figure representing many different things across different periods. According to Jewish mythology, Lilith was Adam's first wife. Still, she refused to give in to his demands, which led to the creation of Eve. Due to this, she is also popular today as a feminist symbol. 

What Is The Lilith Sigil? 

There is a popular sigil associated with Lilith. On the front of the sigil is a circle surrounding the edge with the word Lilith spelled in capital letters. The demon sigil present in the center of this circle represents the Goddess Lilith.

Lilith sigil
The Lilith sigil.

In addition, Lilith sigil, a Satanic symbol, depicts this goddess or demon. The most significantly used Lilith symbol in astrology is where she is called the “Black Moon Lilith.”

According to astrology, Lilith’s symbol includes a crescent moon placed right on top of a cross with arms of equal length or a Greek cross, representing mind and matter.

Also called the dark moon, the symbol Black Moon Lilith implies the location on a person’s birth chart when the moon is the farthest from their planet. In simple terms, it is the phase when the moon is mainly hidden from sight.

Black Moon Lilith also depicts the primitive impulses of a person and their darkest side, which might include repressed sexuality. It is a norm-defying or rebellious part of a person where they are more sensual, vulnerable, emotional, and unwilling to expose that side easily.

People often use this sigil as it subconsciously allows the summoner to connect with Lilith, the demon goddess. They also use it in dark art rituals to encourage the appearance of Lilith females.

Moreover, it is also an integral part of a black magic ritual performed on a Monday when the moon is out. It is a summoning ritual that requires a few black candles, liquor, incense offerings, and chanting that call out Lilith.

Lilith sigil
The Black Moon Lilith symbol.

What Is The Meaning Of The Name “Lilith” In Hebrew?

Lilith means belonging to the night, originating from an Akkadian word, “lilĂ®tu.” It refers to the feminine form of a word that means demon or spirit. It first appeared in the Hebrew Bible in Isaiah 34:14. 

People consider Lillith the first feminist. The Book of Genesis, the first book in the Hebrew Bible, Genesis 2:22, states that God made Eve from Adam’s rib.

According to mythology, God first created Lilith from the same clay he used To create Adam. 

Lilith saw how they both were made the same way and considered them equals. She refused to submit to Adam, and they couldn’t get along. Lilith left Adam or Samael, after which he complained to the Almighty, which led to the creation of Eve.

What Are The Myths Associated With Lilith?

Besides being mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, many other myths are associated with Lilith. 

According to Jewish traditions, Lilith could shift shape. She was a demon who possessed the power to transform into any woman by taking on her physical features to seduce her husband and then conceive a child.

The foundational book of the Kabbalah, Zohar, describes Lilith as an evil temptress who uses men to give birth to demonic babies and then spreads evil through the land. 

Although there is uncertainty about the exact origins of Lilith, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the many myths associated with her.

According to Mesopotamian mythology, she is associated with a female night demon. The shadowy creature symbolized the wind; people related its image to pests, malaise, and even death. Lilith created water as a portal to communicate with her universe. 

The Sumerians called Lilith by the name Lilitu during 3000 BC. Her figure first appeared in the image of a big group of spirits or demons related to storms. Her name changed to Lilith in 700 BC. 

In Sumer, the Babylonians associated her with demonic entities. She was symbolic of the moon. They believed the female devil depicted the variation between the good and bad phases.

In modern times, Lilith is not just an evil demon but a goth symbol of seduction and sensuality. It originated from European romantic intellectuals paying tribute to Lilith, for instance, in the 1892 painting by John Collier, which portrayed her as a sensual lady with a snake surrounding her. 

Mark Of Lilith Palmistry Meaning

Palmistry is an intriguing practice of reading the palms of someone to predict their future or even interpret their character. It was a widespread practice during ancient times, with even kings and queens asking for palm readings to know their fates, and it is still practiced. 

Lilith’s mark is popular in palmistry. The mark is the letter X in the palm’s center between the two horizontal and curvy lines. While most people have these lines forming, it often looks like the letter M. Only 3% of people have X or Lilith’s mark.  

People who have Lilith’s mark on their palms are believed to be meant for success and can have a big destiny. It is a sign of great potential to become thinkers or leaders. Someone with this mark will be successful, intelligent, and intuitive.

Lilith sigil
Lilith’s mark in palmistry is considered a sign of future success.

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