The Mysterious Triple Moon

triple moon
The triple moon is a pagan symbol, which represents the life cycles of the Divine feminine in the three lunar phases of the moon. The waxing, full, and waning moons set beside one another correspond to the three phases of a woman's life: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The triple moon, also called the triple goddess symbol, is an important symbol among Wiccans and worshippers of the Divine feminine. 

What is the Triple Moon mean?

The triple moon is a Wiccan and Pagan symbol connected with the Divine Feminine, the Priestess, the Goddess, and the witches. It is considered a deity with massive significance in several Neopagan and spiritual groups. 

While the triple moon symbol is inevitably related to the Divine feminine, it is also associated with energies such as creativity, nurturing, intuition, wisdom, empathy, and mystery.

triple moon
The triple moon symbol is an important Wiccan and Pagan symbol.

What does the triple moon symbolize?

The triple moon symbol is often called the ‘triple goddess symbol.’ It is represented by two crescent moons circumscribing a full moon. These shapes reflect the different phases of the lunar cycle. 

The left crescent means the waxing moon, the middle is the full moon, and the right crescent is the waning moon. 

The symbol represents the moon’s different phases, often compared to the various stages of womanhood. It also symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

What is the meaning of three moons?

The triple Goddess symbolizes womanhood’s three phases: the maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Like the symbol, women are said to share the moon rhythms, and the female body undergoes the 28 days cycle. The three main phases in a woman’s life are similar to the moon’s three stages. 

  • The Maiden– The waxing moon represents the maiden. It symbolizes purity, youth, wildness, new beginnings, innocence, and freedom. Since it is a spiritual symbol, the maiden invites them to explore their desires and spirituality. 
  • The Mother– the full moon represents the Mother. A mother reflects fertility, maturity, love, sexuality, creativity, and growth. 
  • The Crone– The waning moon illustrates the wise woman or the Crone. This symbol consists of the previous maiden and mother stages of womanhood. It includes independence, sexuality, courage, freedom, creativity, fertility, and culmination. The Crone also represents the ‘full of life’ spirit and consists of the wisdom received from life’s ups and downs.
triple moon
The triple moon represents the three phases in a woman’s life: maiden, mother, and crone.

What religion prays to the moon?

The paganism practitioners and Wicca use the triple moon. It is a revivalist faith drawn from the combination of magical practices and occult beliefs observed in several pre-Christian religions, especially in Western and Northern Europe.

Gerald Brousseau Gardner, a British civil servant interested in esoteric practices, first adopted the practice. They believed in preserving nature and worshipping the female Goddess.

Besides the three goddesses, the triple moon symbol resembles the Greek goddesses Persephone and Demeter. Persephone is reflected as the maiden who sows in spring. Demeter is remembered as the Mother, an agricultural goddess marking the harvest season.

What does the 3-moon tattoo mean?

The triple moon represents the three phases of the moon. It is a famous Wicca symbol and reflects a woman’s three phases: the maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. This tattoo is often observed in people who believe in occult practices or worship women goddesses.

triple moon
The triple moon symbol is a common tattoo for people who practice the occult.

How to draw the Triple Moon Symbol?

The triple moon symbol reflects the waxing, complete, and waning moon. Drawing the triple moon symbol is very easy. All you need is a ruler, a pencil, and a compass.

First, draw a straight line, and then three circles of equal radius. Make sure that the three circles are tangent to each other.

The next step is to mark the end of the line on both sides. Check the north and south poles on the outer circles.

The last step is to place the compass on those points and draw circles on both sides. Erase the excess portion of the circle to make two perfect crescents. Your triple moon symbol is ready.

What are the three moons called?

The Three moons are often known as the Triple Goddess.

Who are the three goddesses?

The triple moon goddess, or the three goddesses, is the deity or the divine being. The triple Goddess reflects the moon’s phases that symbolize womanhood and the natural life cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

The three common names of the goddesses are the maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

Who is the most powerful Goddess?

The three goddesses are often considered manifestations of the same goddess. The triple Goddess has its origins in the Greek goddess Hecate, the titan who controlled witchcraft, influenced the underworld, and could bestow wealth and riches.

Triple Moon Meaning in Tarot

There are 22 arcana cards, of which card no 18 is the moon card nestled between the star card at 17 and the sun card at 19. It forms a perfect trifecta as the star and the sun reflects their light on the moon, brightening her phases of change like nature intends.

There are several layers of meaning lying within the triple moon card. Understanding what the moon card means in tarot will help to decipher the messages.

triple moon
The triple moon can carry a variety of meanings in tarot card readings.

Meaning of Moon Card Upright In Tarot

When the moon tarot card appears upright, it reminds you to move through life’s transitions with grace and ease. It also points toward the unresolved anxieties and fears ready to heal.

It also reminds you to practice patience. Moon moves through different phases, but it cannot be rushed. Similarly, it is essential to slow down and unfold the situation with time.

Meaning of Moon Card Reversed in Tarot

The moon card in tarot has several meanings, especially when it is upside down. It reminds you to check and pause with your intuition. It may show that the life changes you expect should be faster or more manageable.

Can I Wear the Triple Moon Symbol?

The famous triple moon design is often crafted in rings, charms, and pendants. Sometimes the symbol is set along with a moonstone to power its partnership with the moon. Anyone who believes in the power of the triple moon can feel the moonstone to power the magical properties. It is optional to be a Neopagan or Wiccan to enjoy the symbol. You can also wear it to represent the life cycle or divine feminine.

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