The Powerful Meaning of the Celtic Motherhood Knot Symbol

celtic motherhood knot
The Celtic Motherhood Knot is a modified version of the Celtic knot, also known as the Trinity Knot or Triquetra. It has two heart-like shapes. One placed lower than the other. They are intertwined in a single continuous knot symbolizing eternal love. It has no beginning or end and looks like a parent embracing a child. As the name suggests, the Celtic Motherhood Knot is a symbol of the bond between mother and child.

History of the Celtic Mother’s Knot

The reason behind the creation of the mother knot is unknown. However, people assume that it evolved around 3000 BC with the Trinity knot since it is a derivative of it. Historically, the Celtic motherhood symbol has been widely seen in Christian manuscripts. 

Besides portraying the bond between mother and child, it has become a common symbol for stickers, tattoo designs, t-shirts, and jewelry (knot pendants). 

Furthermore, the symbol was also used as a piece of artwork along with plants, flowers, animals, and humans. It has secured a position among the other Celtic knots and is portrayed with them in many places. 

It’s not surprising that the Celtic mother knot is a popular Irish Celtic Mother’s Day gift. It is used to showcase the bond between a mother and a child. People also customize the Celtic motherhood knot necklace by adding stylized variations. 

celtic motherhood knot
The Celtic motherhood knot is an ancient symbol that depicts the deep bond between a mother and her child.

The Powerful Meaning Behind the Celtic Motherhood Knot 

It is believed that the most powerful bond in the world is between a mother and her child. Thus, the Celtic Motherhood Knot carries a powerful meaning of boundless maternal love. The endless loop represents the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. 

The loop is also a symbol of eternal love that never fades but strengthens with time. It is also a part of the Celtic heritage representing faith in God.

As a whole, the mother knot represents unity, love, close bonds, and never-ending relationships. Gifting someone a Celtic motherhood knot is considered pious. It’s a reflection of an unbreakable bond with the person forever. 

What Are the Other Celtic Symbols for Mother and Child?

Apart from the motherhood knot, other Celtic knots also speak of the bond shared between the duo. Let’s take a quick view of the other Irish symbols. 

Dara Knot

Besides being a symbol of strength, the Dara knot is also used to represent the mother-child bond. It is the inner strength that keeps the bond in place and intact. 

celtic motherhood knot
As a symbol for strength, the Dara knot can be used to depict the strength of motherhood.

Celtic Tree of Life

Since it is considered a family tree symbol, it is related to the mother-child bond. It portrays the wisdom and endurance that a mother passes on to her children with time. 

celtic motherhood knot
The tree of life is often used as a symbol of the bonds of family.


The Claddagh symbol represents a mother and child’s eternal bond. The symbol of two hands holding a heart symbolizes endless love. It also depicts friendship, loyalty, and trust. 

celtic motherhood knot
The endless love symbolized by the Claddagh can be used as a symbol of motherhood.

Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoo Ideas

The motherhood knot tattoo has become quite popular nowadays. However, it’s seen in several variations. If you are looking for a proper Celtic Motherhood Knot, select an authentic design. 

Try to choose knots with ‘Grá Máthair’ written below the tattoo. This Irish phrase translates to ‘a mother’s love.’ You can also select a knot with the phrase ‘Grá Mo Chroí.’ It translates to ‘the love of my heart.’

What Does the Celtic Knot Symbolize?

The Celtic knot symbol is a decorative symbol that originated in the art and culture of the ancient Celts. It is characterized by interwoven lines that form a continuous, looping pattern. 

The Celts believed that the knot symbolized the interconnectedness of all things in the universe and represented infinity, continuity, and unity. Some people also associate the Celtic knot with the idea of spiritual growth and the never-ending cycle of life.

What Is the Celtic Symbol of Female Power?

The triple spiral is a Celtic symbol representing the 3 phases of womanhood: maiden, mother, and crone. It is also associated with rebirth, continuity, and eternal life.

The triple spiral is often depicted as three spirals radiating from a central point, representing one stage of womanhood. The maiden is associated with youth, innocence, and new beginnings. The mother is associated with fertility, nurturing, and protection. The crone is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and the end of life.

In Celtic mythology, the triple spiral symbolizes the threefold nature of the goddess known as the Triad or the Threefold Goddess. She is the maiden, mother, and crone rolled into one, representing the cycles of life and the different phases of womanhood.

The triple spiral also represents the threefold nature of the human experience: birth, life, and death. It’s a powerful symbol of growth and evolution, describing the soul’s journey as it travels through the different stages of life.

The triple spiral is often found in Celtic art and architecture, particularly in the ornate metalwork and carvings of the Celts. It is also found in stone carvings and illuminated manuscripts representing life’s eternal and cyclical nature.

In modern times, the triple spiral continues to be a powerful symbol of female empowerment and life cycles. It is often employed as a symbol of sisterhood and solidarity among women.

celtic motherhood knot
The Trickle, or triple spiral, represents the three stages of womanhood.

Is the Celtic Motherhood Knot the Same as the Mother-Daughter Knot?

The Celtic motherhood knot is of two types: the Mother-Daughter Celtic knot and the Mother-Son Knot. So, the Celtic Motherhood knot is different from the Mother-Daughter knot. 

Is the Celtic Motherhood Knot a Pagan or Christian Symbol?

The Celtic Motherhood Knot is a Christian symbol. It is used to represent Madonna and the child. This knot is the symbol of love between the mother and the child. It is an evergreen Christian symbol.

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