Cricket Symbolism

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A cricket is a symbol of positivity. Crickets are thought to bring prosperity, good luck, and wealth. Apart from that, there’s a common belief that you should not hurt a cricket because you'll lose your wealth.

The long antennas of the cricket symbolize intuition and sensitivity. It is also indicative of your connection to the spiritual world and enlightenment. Cricket is also considered to be a harbinger of happiness and love. 

Besides that, cricket is believed to instill in you confidence. Being a spirit animal heightens your senses and makes you think in your instincts. There are other cricket symbolisms too. So, let’s dive into those. 

Cricket Symbolism – History and Origin

Be it Native American culture or Chinese or Japanese culture – cricket symbolism has its roots of origin in all of them. During 500 BC, people caged cricket to enjoy their songs regularly. They also considered the song of the cricket as something good. 

Moreover, crickets were like natural clocks or watchdogs. They could hint over the time of good harvest. As crickets live on the grass, they are an emblem of groundedness. The long antenna they have is a symbol of spirituality. Together they signify how to stay grounded yet establish a balance between the two realms. 

As crickets indicated, good omen, they entered households much back. Though the date remains unknown, you can understand that it has received much significance since the pre-Christian age. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Crickets?

Spiritually crickets are revered. Let’s check what they symbolize in various cultures. 

Native American Cricket Symbolism

Native American tribes have diverse views over cricket symbolism. Many Native Americans believe cricket brings fortune and is a sign of excellence. However, the western tribes believe that cricket brings bad luck and spotting them at households is an ill omen. 

The Cheyenne tribe used crickets to understand the movement of Buffalo herds. The Cherokee tribe, on the other hand, believes that the cricket is a symbol of courage and wit. It instills courage in how to succeed in a situation with physical limitations. 

The Cricket and Opossum

There is a Native American story that tells that an opossum was proud of its tail. As the rabbit lost its tail to a bear, it grew jealous of the opossum. While the forest dance ceremony was nearing, the rabbit instructed the cricket to shave off the opossums tail. 

The cricket was considered the barber of the forest by some Native American tribes. The opossum was informed that the cricket would groom its tail. So, after the cricket shoved its tail, the possum didn’t notice and went to the forest dance. 

Everyone laughed when the veil was removed from the tail at everyone’s request. It’s believed since then opossums don’t have a tail. 

cricket symbolism
The cricket symbolizes different things to different Native American tribes.

Cricket Symbolism in Chinese Culture

Chinese culture revers the cricket as a pious creature. The chirping of cricket means the arrival of good luck to them. Even it is accepted as a form of music too. During the reign of the Tang dynasty, laypeople captured cricket and caged them to hear their chirping songs. 

To the Chinese royals, crickets were a significant creature. Behind his throne, emperor Pu Yi used to keep a cricket caged, which he did until the end of his life. You can see this in the movie Last Emperor

The Chinese laypeople also considered cricket as a good omen for harvest. The appearance and disappearance of the cricket suggested when to plant and harvest the crops. In some Chinese traditions, crickets also symbolize fertility. 

As crickets lay many eggs together, it’s considered a good sign. If a pregnant woman happens to see the eggs, it is regarded as good luck for her. To date, the Chinese value cricket and consider it a symbol of courage, summer, and fighting spirit. 

cricket symbolism
Chinese culture generally views the cricket as a good omen.

Cricket Animal Totem – Cricket Spirit Animal

Spirit animals ensure that you’re on the right track in life. Your spirit animal is your spirit guide helping you or teaching you lessons throughout. However, a totem animal is also a guide you invoke when you need assistance. 

There is no way to choose your spirit animal. However, if cricket is your spirit animal, it’ll probably make sense to you. If you’re calm and patient, then you have the cricket totem. Being caring, gentle, and supportive and having a peaceful relationship with everyone shows your cricket animal totem. 

Positive Aspects of the Cricket Totem

The spirit animal heightens the instincts you have. You will gain these qualities over time and with hard work. This will make you wise enough to understand what your totem is. Moreover, invoking the totem animal helps you build courage and encourages you to think boldly. 

The cricket totem animal inspires you to lean into your strength as the person people can go to for help. It keeps your body, mind, and spirit in tune. 

Drawbacks of the Cricket Totem

There are some negative aspects of the cricket animal totem that might affect the decisions you make. Sometimes, people with the cricket animal totem are known for being impulsive. They don’t think enough before acting.

If you have the cricket tote, try to be cautious and thoughtful before making a decision. Think about the pros and cons before doing something. If you don’t think and act, you might regret it. You also need to decide on things that will make you stable. 

In some dream interpretations, crickets are seen as showing introspection.

Are Crickets a Good Omen?

Crickets are a good omen as they are harbingers of good news. Seeing crickets in your home is also something very good.

Since a cricket is an insect on the ground yet has antennas, it signifies enlightenment through staying grounded.

Many cultures across the world believe in cricket symbolism. At the same time, some cultures do not accept it as a good omen. Cricket chirping will always remain something that many cultures cherish. 

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