Meaningful Sacred Geometry Symbols

sacred geometry symbols
Sacred geometry is a part of several rituals and sacred practices from around the globe. Mathematical shapes in recurring patterns are sacred geometry, as they can be found in natural elements. Some examples are examples of snowflakes, galaxy spirals, flower petals, beehives, nautilus shells, Stonehenge, mandalas, Sri yantra, music, and Egyptian pyramids.

Vesica Piscis, the Seed of Life, Flower of Life, and the Fibonacci Sequence (Golden Ratio) are some patterns found in various natural creations and ancient constructions. Sacred geometry is universal and has significance in many religions. 

Sacred Geometry Background and History

Sacred geometry is an ancient science. Some believe that it originated in Egypt between 2000 BCE and 1001 BCE. However, others say the origins belong to Greece. Though Genesis in the Bible describes the process of creating sacred geometric patterns, it mostly comes from Egyptian or Greek mysticism schools. 

Sacred geometry describes the intangible and mystical elements in the universe. All ancient cultures contributed to sacred geometry. For example, the concept of Zen in Japan, Feng Shui in China, spirituality and Moksha in Hinduism and Buddhism, and the Pentagram in Wicca use sacred geometry in different forms. 

How Sacred Geometry Arose

Sacred geometry is a unique universal concept that satisfies both sides of the brain – the logical and artistic.

People have been studying symbols and shapes for centuries. From Plato to modern-day theologists, sacred geometry fascinates one and all. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has the pattern of the Flower of Life in the underlying structure. 

The universe is created based on sacred geometry. The shape of the atom, the dimensions of the cosmos, and every single aspect of nature can be associated with a sacred geometry shape.

The symbols represent spiritual awakening, protection, power, good luck, knowledge, wisdom, and much more. 

What Are The Sacred Geometric Shapes?

There are several sacred geometry symbols, but a few of them are especially significant.

Vesica Pisces

Vesica Pisces means fish bladder in Latin. It looks like a Venn diagram with two circles overlapping each other. These circles symbolize the unity of dual forces (masculine and feminine energy). The circles also represent pre-birth conception and birth. 

sacred geometry symbols
The Vesica Pisces symbol

Seed of Life

Six circles overlap and fit into a seventh, which forms the Seed of Life pattern. All circles have the same size and symbolize creation, higher consciousness, or the beginning of life. The circles are associated with seven chakras and signify protection/ blessing. 

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The Seed of Life symbol

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life symbol has nineteen circles. It’s present in many countries like Sweden, Tibet, Japan, Turkey, Ireland (Celtic), Egypt, Israel, China, Germany, Greece, and England.

It’s the basis of the molecular structure and represents life forms. The symbol also includes other sacred geometry patterns like the Seed of Life, Tree of Life, and Egg of Life. 

sacred geometry symbols
Flower of Life symbol

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is the core of Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism. It has ten circles called sefirots connected by twenty-two lines or paths. Each line represents a Hebrew alphabet, and together, they lead to spiritual ascension.

The first circle is for cosmic consciousness. The remaining nine are divided into three pillars – severity, madness, and mercy. 

sacred geometry symbols
Depictions of the Tree of Life symbol

Fruit of Life 

The Fruit of Life has 13 circles and is a 2D representation of a 3D image. Seventy-eight lines can be drawn to connect the center of each circle. This results in the Metatron cube.

It also forms the Star of David, a hexagram, with three equilateral triangles. The triangles represent the creator, humans, and Torah in Judaism

sacred geometry symbols


The Torus yantra has a central axis with vortexes on both sides. It shows the continuous flow of energy and represents an endless loop. The symbol has repeated circles overlapping each other inside a bigger circle. It is a mandala associated with balanced energy. 

sacred geometry symbols
The Torus symbol

Metatron’s Cube

Believers say that the Metatron angel created the Metatron Cube from his soul. Some say that the Metatron Cube is derived from the Tree of Life and used by God to share his knowledge or convey messages to humans. 

A few others say that the cube represents the human body in 3D form. People used the symbol to ward off demons or evil spirits. 

sacred geometry symbols
Metatron’s Cube

Platonic Solids 

According to Plato, the Platonic Solids are the universe’s building blocks. They are tetrahedrons, icosahedrons, octahedrons, hexahedrons, and dodecahedrons.

All symbols have perfectly straight lines, angles, and edges that can neatly fit inside a sphere. All corners of the shapes correctly touch the sphere. The Platonic Solids are each associated with an element. 

sacred geometry symbols
Representations of Platonic solids

Sacred Geometry Symbols for Power

Sacred geometry patterns are used to derive power from the universe. The symbols work with positive energy from nature’s elements like the earth, sky, water, fire, and spirit. 

  • Seed of life 
  • Flower of life 
  • Hexagram/ Star of David
  • Gayatri yantra 
  • Spiral 
  • Pentagram 
  • Sri yantra 

What is the Most Powerful Sacred Geometry Symbol?

All symbols are powerful in their own way. It depends on what you want and your beliefs. 

How Do You Use Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry can be used for many purposes. Some patterns have multiple roles and are used for more than one ritual or practice. You can draw the symbols on objects, get a tattoo, and wear jewelry containing these designs.

Sacred Geometry Symbols for Healing

  • The flower of life 
  • The seed of life 
  • Vesica piscis
  • Sri yantra 
  • Metatron cube 
  • Merkaba 
  • The tree of life 
  • Tetrahedron 

Sacred Geometry Symbols for Protection

The basic symbol for protection is a circle. You should be inside the circle and draw in a clockwise direction. The Seed of Life and Metatron Cube are also used for protection. 

Sacred Geometry Symbols for Manifestation 

Mandala designs are great for manifestation. The Flower of Life and Metatron Cube are most commonly used for this purpose. 

How is Sacred Geometry Used in Different Cultures and Religions?

Different religions use sacred geometry as a cultural representation and belief in their faith and practices. 

For example, followers of Islam use sacred geometry for religious expression, and Islamic architecture is based on these patterns. In Hinduism, sacred geometry is used for healing, protection, prosperity, spiritual awakening, and in Vastu Sastra. 


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