The Merkaba Meaning’s Hidden Depth

Merkaba meaning
The Merkaba is a star tetrahedron symbolizing sacred geometry. The Merkaba shape is a three-dimensional star created by two intersecting tetrahedrons spinning in opposite directions. The Merkaba is believed to activate an energy field matrix around a person that helps align the mind, body, and soul. 

The Merkaba Star combines opposite forces like the masculine and feminine, earth and cosmos, yin and yang, etc., to provide enlightenment. It is used in meditation to help the person attain a higher level of consciousness and increase their level of vibration.  

Merkaba Meaning: Defining this Ancient Word

Merkabah is a Hebrew word meaning chariot or vehicle. The phonetic breakdown of Merkabah (Mur – Kah – Buh) translates to light, body, and spirit. 

By combining both meanings, we see that the Merkaba is associated with connecting the light, body, and spirit using a vehicle. It can also symbolize the light produced when a body is aligned with the spirit. This generates an energy field or a path that takes the person to enlightenment. 

While the Merkabah has Jewish roots, it’s also found in Christianity. It’s considered the chariot of God. Terms like moving throne of God and throne chariot of God appear in Ezekiel 1:4-26 in the Bible, implying that the Merkaba is God’s way of directing the world. In fact, the word Merkabah is found 44 times in the Old Testament.

The two tetrahedrons in the Merkaba Star are constantly spinning in opposite directions. This continuous movement generates a harmonizing energy around the person who invokes the symbol for rituals or meditation. Hasidic Jews consider the symbol a multi-layered approach towards reality, the world, and basic human nature. 

merkaba meaning
The Merkaba Star

What Is the Origin of the Merkaba?

The word Merkaba or Merkavah is rooted in Torah and is considered a three-dimensional version of the Star of David. The design inspires stability and balance by creating a union of opposing forces. The tetrahedron used in the symbol is a platonic solid associated with the solar plexus. 

The Merkaba was popular among Jewish mystics, especially those who follow Kabbalah. The symbol was popularly used in Merkabah mysticism in Palestine during the 1st century AD. It entered Babylonia between the 7th and 11th century AD.

The Merkaba is mentioned in literary works from the 200-700 CE when the Chassidei Ashkenaz movement was in full swing in the Middle Ages. Though the exact origins of Merkaba are unknown, it’s evident that the symbol was created centuries ago and belongs to Jewish sacred geometry. 

merkaba meaning
The Merkaba Star is popular among Jewish mystics.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is a collection of mathematical shapes that have recurring patterns and are naturally formed in the universe. The flower petals, the lines on a snail’s shell, the perfect shape of a snowflake, and Sri yantra are some examples of sacred geometry symbols. 

Sacred geometry has religious, spiritual, and cultural significance in many cultures. People have used symbols in prayer, rituals, art, literature, and home décor. The Merkaba is a three-dimensional star tetrahedron design with perfect lines, edges, and angles. 

What Is the Significance of the Merkaba?

The Merkabah has a religious and spiritual significance due to its inspiration from the Star of David. The symbol signifies a person’s potential power to unlock their higher consciousness and become a better version of themselves. It symbolizes that the union of energies is the way to attain true power and access the higher realms in the cosmos. 

Considering the design, the top tetrahedron rotates in a clockwise direction and represents masculine energy or the cosmos. The bottom tetrahedron rotates in a counterclockwise direction and denotes feminine energy (earth). 

Other Symbolism

  • A person’s energy field is created by the forces spinning in opposite directions. Every person has this energy field and can invoke it by using the symbol when meditating. 
  • The balance of opposing forces creates purity and divinity. The energy flows continuously to all four directions of the world, including the universe (outer world). 
  • A way of life and a multi-directional approach to understanding life, people, and the world around us
  • The coming together of energies to protect a person and help them manifest their dreams

The Merkaba’s Role in Meditation

In Merkaba meditation, it acts as a source of power that leads to enlightenment and unlocking a person’s full potential. The Merkaba Star creates a field of light, love, goodwill, and positivity around the person. It is used as healing energy by practitioners as they can extend this energy field to heal others. 

It takes time to master the art—practice visualization of Merkaba around you when meditating to feel a positive shift in your energy. 

What Is a Merkaba Star Used For?

According to another theory, the Merkaba Star comes from the Flower of Life.

Merkaba Star Uses

  • Activation of the third eye chakra (the opening of the pineal gland located at the center of our forehead to restore prana flow). 
  • Lighting both sides of the brain (left & right) creates a balance, helps us become more understanding, and promote spiritual growth. 
  • Open the heart to unconditional love offered by the universe to restore harmony within a person. 
  • Remove all kinds of blockages in your chakras to create a clear path between the seven chakras in the human body. 
  • Remove stagnant and negative vibrations to attract positive energy. This increases your vibration and helps you get closer to the higher realms. 
  • Connect with your soul’s intention and channel the source energy through the body, mind, and soul. 
merkaba meaning
The Flower of Life symbol in sacred geometry.

What is an Amethyst Merkaba?

An amethyst Merkaba is star tetrahedron made using amethyst crystal. Amethyst is a quartz and is used for healing and protection. It helps enhance intuition to build a clear and better connection with the higher self. 

The Merkaba star is crafted with different crystals to serve other purposes. The amethyst Merkaba is popular as amethyst relieves stress and brings mental clarity, which aligns perfectly with Merkaba’s symbolism. 


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