Nazar Meaning – What the Evil Eye Means

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The nazar, or evil eye, is a curse or hex cast upon someone using a nasty glare when the person is unaware. The glaring person is typically envious of the person they're cursing. While the evil eye is the stare itself, the nazar amulet is said to block the curse.

Some western scholars believe that the evil eye originated from ancient Greece. However, the eastern scholars assert that its roots are in Sumeria or modern-day Iraq and Turkey

Even African Shamans are also believed to be related to the origin of the evil eye. Whatever its origin, the nazar, or evil eye, has become a part of many cultures across the globe. Wearing an evil eye can prevent evil forces and ill omens from disturbing you. 

What is the Nazar?

Nazar is an Arabic word that means sight or surveillance. It is an eye-shaped amulet worn by people as protection against evil. The eye curses people for having nasty glare. General belief says the person who receives the curse meets loss or bad luck. 

It’s essential to wear the nazar or evil eye all the time. If a person thinks or wishes negatively about you, the evil eye will safeguard you from them. Even you can avoid negativity by wearing the amulet, which brings good luck. 

nazar meaning

History of the Evil Eye

The evil eye was believed to have originated from Greco-Roman culture. The earliest records say it was considered a threat to people with avarice. Some also believed that non-deserving persons with much wealth faced the wrath of the evil eye. 

General belief also existed that the evil eye could cause mental and physical illness even if someone affected by an unknown disease were believed to have received it from the evil eye. 

Ancient Greek, Roman, and Turkish people believed that gods and goddesses punished laypeople using evil eyes. 

However, not everyone was under the wrath of gods and goddesses. People who were overly proud of their wealth and achievements were considered to be punished. They were made to realize they were mortals and should not have pride. 

No matter what country it is, the significance of the evil eye has remained the same. It is one of the most influential symbols worldwide. Though it appears malicious, it is something that everyone believes in. 

nazar meaning

This is an advertisement for a nazar amulet, which is a popular souvenir.

Colored Evil Eye and Its Uses 

The evil eye is commonly deep blue like the Greek seas. However, many colors have been added, and their interpretations change the meaning of the symbol.

Orange evil eye: Orange evil eye increases your creativity and playfulness and provides protection and happiness. It also motivates you and makes you meet your commitment. 

Dark blue evil eye: Besides providing good fortune, relaxation, and calmness, the dark blue eye is symbolic of fate and karma protection. It also increases your flow of communication with others, besides protecting you from negativity. 

Light blue evil eye: This blue color offers you peace and solitude apart from broadening your perspective. It also gives you peace, protection, and solitude. 

Dark green evil eye: The Dark green eye promises you happiness and balance. Besides that, it also allows you to chase your new dream without negativity. 

Red evil eye: If you feel fear and anxiety bothering you, it can protect you against it. Apart from that, it provides you the courage to proceed. You will never lose energy or enthusiasm once the evil red eye protects you. 

Brown evil eye: The brown evil eye connects you with nature and protects you from any harm by the natural elements. It also instills in your convention and order. 

Purple evil eye: To remove obstacles in your path, the purple evil eye is the best talisman. It helps in boosting your imagination and balances your life. 

Yellow evil eye: The yellow eye caters to your health and sees that the sharpness of your mind is maintained. It also relieves you from exhaustion and improves your concentration. 

Green evil eye: Green is the color of calmness, and the green evil eye instills peace by reducing duality in you. Other than that, it protects sorrow. If you are in an unprecedented situation, the green evil eye helps you there too. 

Light green evil eye: The light green eye monitors your good health and helps you stay contended. Apart from that, it allows you to move towards your dream successfully. 

White evil eye: This eye symbolizes purity and instills focus in you. It also aids you in starting a new journey in life. Other than that, the white evil eye helps you remove obstacles and negativity from evil spirits. 

Pink evil eye: The pink evil eye protects all your bonds and sees that they are unaffected by any negative force. Besides that, it provides contentment and relaxation. It also instills calmness in you to succeed. 

nazar meaning

How Do People Use and Wear the Evil Eye?

The evil eye protects against evil and removes any curse. It’s a kind of protective wand against all odds. This is why the evil eye amulet, glass beads, and talisman have become so popular. 

They’re available as jewelry, wall hangings, wind chimes, and showpieces. The evil eye bead is also popular. You can use anyone to prevent bad luck from touching you. There are rings, chains, and neckpieces that feature the evil eye. 

Being a protective symbol, you can hang it at your home. Vastu specialists advise hanging it at the entrance. It will stop negativity from entering your house. Else you can put it in your garden or living room. 

Evil eyes do offer you protection from many negative energies beyond your wonder. Since its roots are so deep in eastern and western cultures, it has been widely used through the centuries. You’ll feel positive vibes and fashionable while wearing your hanging this nazar amulet. 


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