Number 5 Meaning, Significance, & Symbolism

number 5 meaning
The number 5 meaning can be several different things including change, curiosity, freedom, and adaptability. It is also linked to independence, exploration, and the willingness to take chances. 

Because this lucky number five has several meanings, it’s natural to be perplexed about which ones pertain to you. If this is the case, read more about number five.

Number 5 Meaning – Spiritual & Symbolic Significance 

In number symbolism, people are typically a mixture of several numbers, so it’s uncommon to meet someone who embodies a single number’s character.

The number five is typically referred to as the “human number.” 

Here’s its spiritual and symbolic significance. 

Spiritual Significance

The number five signifies a big change that will soon make its way into your life and instill a sense of serenity, peace, and harmony. 

This change will inspire you to try something new in your lifestyle/routine without affecting your old lifestyle/routine.   

Symbolic Significance

The number five symbolizes positivity and progress in your life. Your guardian angels are encouraging you to understand your capabilities and believe in the divine realm.

However, the number five also translates to certain negative things. If associated with the number five, you’re irresponsible and don’t care about the future. 

Religious Meanings Of Number 5

The meanings of the number five also vary depending on various religions. For example, here’s what the number signifies in Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, etc.   


The number five is regarded as a physical body emblem in Hinduism. It also symbolizes the 5th of the five major components, which is the earth.

Note: There are five principal sensations, each uniquely shaping our human perspectives.


The number five appears numerous times in the Bible. It’s regarded as the number for grace, representing God’s sympathy and favor. The ten commandments are broken down into two sets of five.

The commandments are intended to guide a healthy, moral life; by obeying them, we all can sustain positive spiritual power.


The Panj Pyare or the Five Beloved were the five men prepared to die for their belief. On this particular day, the Guru drew a water bowl in which Sahib Devan infused sugar crystals.

She was named Mata Sahib Kaur and “The Khalsa Mother.” Using his sword, the Guru combined water and sugar. Amrit is the name given to this nectar. 

Every one of the Five Beloved Ones was given five fistfuls of Amrit to drink. The Guru then peppered the Amrit five times on their eyelids.

number 5 meaning
The Panj Pyare, also known as the Five Beloved, are a symbol of devotion in Sikhism.

Other Spiritual Meanings

The number five has other spiritual meanings in zodiac signs and tarot. 

The Number Five In Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Sign – Virgo (August 23-September 22) and Gemini (May 21-June 21)

The number five, at times, signifies falsehood, and the planet Mercury governs it. This falsehood is due to Mercury’s high instability and ability to embody the qualities of others. 

Note: Individuals whose birth date falls on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month are associated with the number 5. 

Other traits of the number five natives include:

  • They need to have a pre-planned strategy or mantra for success. 
  • These people prefer planning and implementing strategies to their liking. 
  • They possess excellent management skills and have a flair for travel. 

The Number Five In Tarot

In a tarot deck, there are 5 number five cards. Out of these, the Hierophant is the number five-card of the Major Arcana. Besides, there are four 5s for each of the 4 suits (Pentacles, Cups Wands, And Swords).

An individual associated with the number five is adventurous. They have an immense passion for acting as an agent of change by interacting with new people and exchanging ideas. 

They master the art of overcoming challenges through alternative solutions for the best solution because of their vast knowledge base that develops as they explore the world. 

number 5 meaning
Tarot cards use the number five in a variety of ways, often connected to adventure.


The number five can represent independence, individualism, major life changes, adaptability, motivation, determination, courage, and even solid mental ability.

Although the number five can occur in any sequence, 55, 555, and 5555 are power sequences. In all these unique sequences, the number five has a distinct meaning. 

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