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new beginnings symbol
New beginnings are an integral and inevitable part of life. Whether big or small, new beginnings can bring positive change in life. Popular new beginnings symbols include the new moon, the mythical Phoenix, the birch tree, and the dove. Apart from life incidents, symbols also represent life changes. 

Numerous symbols across many cultures represent the positivity associated with new beginnings. While some of the symbols date back to ancient times, many continue to be relevant in the current times.  

New Beginnings Symbols

The most common symbols of new beginnings found in nature are:

New Moon 

The moon is a popular symbol representing many beliefs across different cultures, especially the ones that believe in the power of celestial bodies. A new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle and is associated with a fresh start, new life, new beginnings, and a new phase.

People believe that the new moon phase is ideal for goal setting, meditation, and self-reflection. It’s also best suited for starting a new thing, initiating changes, or setting new intentions. The moon’s energy helps propel the transitions

Some even harness the new moon’s energy with rituals to fulfill their visions.

new beginnings symbol
A new moon represents that a new phase has begun.


The mythical Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings in many faiths and cultures across the globe. The Phoenix creates a nest when it is close to death and bursts into flames. A small Phoenix rises again from the ashes to represent a fresh start.

The Phoenix is a reminder to people that they can also start over. It’s a symbol of transformation and growth, making it a popular tattoo choice for people who are determined to make a change.

new beginnings symbol
The Phoenix is a popular mythological symbol representing new beginnings.


The sunrise might be the most well-known new beginning symbol. Sunrises radiate hope and inspire people to new beginnings. The sunrise is a reminder that you always have room for improvement. It implies that there is no limit to new beginnings. Sunrises show that making mistakes is okay because the sun will come up tomorrow.

The sunrise exudes a calmness that allows people to feel that life can be peaceful. On the other hand, sunrises can represent ambition and serve as a reminder to pursue your dreams. The sunrise also symbolizes that whatever has happened cannot be changed and will always remain in the past.

new beginnings symbol
Sunrises are among the most popular new beginnings symbols.

Birch Tree

The birch tree is the holiest tree in the Celtic culture. The silver bark of the tree peels like paper and symbolizes new beginnings. In ancient times, the Maypoles used the tree to celebrate the festival Beltane, which celebrated new beginnings, among other Celtic festivals such as Samhain and Imbolc.

People also call it a pioneer tree in some areas since it is among the first trees to grow in the woods, even after a natural disaster.

The sacred tree stands for hope, rebirth, and new beginnings. People keep the Celtic symbol in their houses to eliminate negative energy. Native Americans consider it a sign of truth, forgetting the past and moving towards a new beginning. 

new beginnings symbol
For the Celts, the birch tree is an important new beginnings symbol.


The dove is another popular symbol prevalent in various cultures and religions. The bird is present in some of life’s most important events such as weddings or burials and symbolizes new beginnings and serenity. Doves are a sign of hope and symbolizes peace.

The dove also plays an important role in Christianity. After the great flood, Noah released the white dove, but it came back later with an olive branch as a sign that everything would be okay. Since then, the dove has been a representation of a fresh start.

new beginnings symbol
In many cultures and religions, the dove signifies a new beginning.

What Animal Represents A New Beginning?

During winter, bears spend most of their time sleeping and hibernating inside a cave until the spring season begins. They go back to their typical habits once spring arrives. Waking up after a long period of sleep symbolizes a fresh start. 

People also associate bears with the courage to get a new start while taking time to relax and reflect.

Shamans believed bears to be a sign that helps people advance on their spiritual path while achieving physical and mental healing. Besides, people can learn essential life lessons from bears to overcome challenges. 

The butterfly is also a symbol of a fresh start or beginning. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly signifies transformation, hope, rebirth, and change. Some people regard them as spiritual guides on a new journey of personal growth. 

new beginnings symbol
Bears represent the courage it takes to start over.

What Flower Represents New Beginnings?

The lotus flower represents rebirth since it blooms and thrives in murky and polluted water. It’s also a metaphor for resilience since the flower grows regardless of its surroundings. The lotus flower stands out, making it a sign of a fresh start or the start of a new chapter.

The lotus also played an integral role in many cultures of ancient times. Egyptians believed the flower might bring the dead back to life. In contrast, Buddhists believed that the flower blossomed wherever Gautam Buddha set foot. In Buddhism, they also considered it a lucky sign.

Daffodils also represent new beginnings and renewal as they bloom early in spring and indicate that the winter season is over.

new beginnings symbol
Both the lotus flower and the daffodil symbolize new beginnings.

What Color is Associated With New Beginnings?

People often associate green with spring and nature, signifying rebirth or new beginnings. The color stands for hope and freshness at the beginning of something great.

Nature is constantly changing, and similarly, life also goes on. The green color is also calming to look at, and it radiates positivity. Green is also significant in many religions and faiths. Hindus see green as the heart chakra, the core of life. 

On the other hand, the Chinese associated the color with the rising sun, which goes down but comes back every day. 

What is a Symbol of Transformation?

Swans are a symbol of different things in various cultures. But they’re commonly associated with the concepts of change, growth, and transformation. According to many stories, women could turn themselves into swans with a coat of swan feathers. 

In Celtic culture, people believed swans could change into one another to avoid death.


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