Powerful Healing Spiritual Symbols

healing spiritual symbols
There are countless healing spiritual symbols across the globe. While the symbols may vary across faiths, cultures, and regions, they enhance the ability to discover the truth about the body and soul. Some examples include the Abracadabra symbol, the Sri Yantra, the Lotus Flower, and the Eye of Horus.

In many traditions, spiritual symbols hold energetic, supernatural, and even vibrational powers that people can use to enhance spiritual and physical healing.

What Are Some Common Symbols For Healing?

These healing symbols are the medicines that guide people toward spiritual wellness. They’re the result of centuries of traditions passed down through many generations. 

The symbols for healing continue to impact how people understand healing.


The most common alchemy symbol of healing is Abracadabra. Most people associate the phrase with magic tricks. Still, it originated in ancient times as an alchemy symbol that healed people from illnesses. 

The incantation abracadabra comes from the Hebrew initials for the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. However, some argue that it originated from the Aramaic quote, “I create as I speak.”

People used to write the phrase Abracadabra on an amulet in the shape of an inverted triangle and then made the patient wear it. They believed that it could make the illness go away. 

healing spiritual symbols
Various representations of the Abracadabra symbol

Sri Yantra

The Shri Vidya school of Hinduism uses a mystical diagram called the Sri Yantra. It is an emblem with nine interlocking triangles representing the human body and the cosmos. While four triangles face up to represent Shiva, the other five face downwards and depict Shakti.

The symbol was not created but came as a vision to a yogi during deep meditation. It’s been referred to as the ultimate fractal of healing since then, as it possesses properties that can heal the heart and mind.

Lotus Flower

In the realm of healing, the Lotus Flower occupies a special place. According to Buddhism, it’s a symbol of purity of body, mind, and speech. 

Universally, the lotus is a sign of rebirth and healing. The flower grows in muddy water but blooms without any damage or impurity. It also depicts how the lotus flower resurrects every morning as it opens the petals to the sun’s rays and closes again when the sun sets.

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Ancient Egyptian Healing Symbols

Ancient Egyptian culture is full of powerful healing symbols.

The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is the Egyptian symbol of healing, protection, health, and restoration. It emerges from the legend that Horus lost his left eye during a fight with Seth

However, his eye was put back, and this restoration process symbolizes healing. Currently, the symbol stands for healing, spiritual protection, wisdom, good health, prosperity, and restoration.


Serpents were also symbolic of health, spiritual healing, and protection in ancient Egyptian culture. It comes from Wadjet, the mythological goddess of heat and fire, and protection. Wadjet was represented as a cobra or as a woman with a cobra head. 

For more on symbols related to serpents, check out this article on the snake eating itself symbol.

healing spiritual symbols
The Wadjet symbol (left) and the Eye of Horus (right)

Other Healing Symbols

Spiral Sun

The Spiral Sun is the most significant and popular symbol of healing. The First Healer or the Spiral Sun originates from Anasazi, an ancient native American culture that dates back to 1500 B.C.

Shamanic tribes, including Anasazi, believed that the sun was the first shaman. The Spiral Sun symbol was present on Petroglyphs (rock carvings) and represented life’s natural movements or rhythms. 

The Spiral Sun also contains healing purposes, helping people recover from setbacks or challenges that can disrupt life’s natural flow and rhythm.

healing spiritual symbols
The Spiral Sun is an ancient symbol of healing.

Asclepius Wand

Asclepius Wand, or the Rod of Asclepius, is a healing symbol representing the Greek god Asclepius. The mythical god is known for his expertise in medicine and healing. The symbol of the wand includes a snake coiled on a wand and refers to the legend of the afterlife of Asclepius

According to Greek mythology, Zeus killed Asclepius, but he returned as a ghost with a serpent who visited patients in dreams and healed them. Greek healers also began using specific snake venoms to heal wounds as the poison could stop the clots.

healing spiritual symbols
The Asclepius Wand

Sei He Ki

The oldest and also the most significant Reiki symbol is Sei He Ki. It is also one of the five traditional Reiki symbols. During the 1800s, a Buddhist Monk named Mikao Usui rediscovered the symbol in Japan. The main idea of the symbol is God and Man’s becoming one. 

People use the symbol for various types of Reiki healing, whether emotional or mental. Many practitioners use Sei He Ki to cure depression and multiple addictions by reaching the center of the issue, buried deep in the conscious or subconscious mind. 

healing spiritual symbols
The Sei He Ki symbol

Navajo Sand Painting

Although it is not restricted to the Navajo people, Sand Painting is famous among Australian Aborigines and Tibetan Monks. However, the Navajo version of the ancient art focuses only on healing purposes. 

The symbols in the art often include deities to whom people appeal. Upon finishing, the patient destroys it while sitting in the center of it. Through this, they can absorb the symbols’ powers while releasing the illness in the sand. 

The Navajo consider the paintings as spiritual living beings to be treated with respect and not as inanimate objects.

healing spiritual symbol
Navajo sand art

Winged Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel consists of a circle enclosing an armed cross. It depicts four directions, four seasons, and four races of humanity while symbolizing areas of one’s health and life cycles. 

The wings around the sign represent the spiritual beings that look out for the entire humanity and help maintain a perfect balance in the world. Many generations of Native American tribes have been using it for healing purposes. 

healing spiritual symbols
Three depictions of the Medicine Wheel

What Animals Are Associated With Healing?

All animals can care for themselves and their natural defenses to ensure survival. According to scientific research, some animals possess healing powers that can rehabilitate and treat illnesses.

healing spiritual symbols
Both snakes and dogs are symbols of healing.

Dogs’ saliva has healing properties that can treat wounds. Besides that, a snake shedding skin symbolizes healing, rebirth, and renewal.

In Hindu Mythology, the snake or Naga is a symbol of destruction and preservation. The snake symbolizes the Kundalini Power that one can awaken through spiritual rituals. The awakened Kundalini can help with emotional healing.


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