The Deep Spiritual Meaning Behind the Solar Cross

solar cross
The prehistoric Solar Cross is one of the oldest known symbols. It's a part of numerous cultures and traditions across the globe. The Solar Cross is called the Wheel Cross, Sun Cross, Pagan Cross, and Odin's Cross, and it was often used to represent the Sun and to mark time.

What Is The Solar Cross?

The Solar Cross, also known as the Sun Cross, is an ancient religious symbol present in different cultures with many variations. It has connections to American, Asian, European, and Indian religious and spiritual art from the prehistoric era. 

The Solar Cross is depicted on burial urns from the Bronze Age dating back to 1440 BC. It’s also seen on sculptures, artwork, coins, worship places, and even cave walls. 

The Solar Cross in Norse Mythology

The basic Solar Cross consists of an equilateral cross that sits inside a circle. In Norse culture, it is also called Odin’s cross. The cross represents the powerful Norse god Odin, and the English word cross is derived from the Nordic word for this symbol – kros.

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The Solar Cross in Celtic Mythology

People often associated the Solar Cross with Taranis, the Celtic god of thunder. His depictions showed him holding a wheel with spokes in his hand. 

This Sun Wheel was also a part of the Celtic coins and jewelry. The Celtic cross is also a slight variation of the wheel held by Taranis, with the circle in the middle representing the sun.

Other Ancient Meanings of the Solar Cross

Besides that, the swastika symbol is another variation of the Solar Cross that features bent arms in a turning motion. People considered it a good luck charm, and it was a part of many cultures worldwide, including the Native Americans. 

When Hitler appropriated the swastika symbol, he forever altered the positive symbolism associated with it.

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What Is The Meaning Of The Solar Cross?

The Sun Cross symbol has numerous meanings associated with it in different cultures. Fundamentally, it is a prominent sun symbol. An object worshiped since ancient times. 

The ancient symbol denoted the chariot wheel used by the Sun god. Ancient kings of Egypt and other places used the symbol to represent the highest power of the sun. The wheel present in the symbol offers courage, strength, power, and mobility to people and society.

However, the Solar Cross depicts the earth rather than the sun in modern astronomy. When it comes to Christianity, the Sun Cross symbol represents a halo, often associated with angels and saints. They also use it as a symbol of the power of God.

In Wiccan and neopagan beliefs, the cross symbol represents the sun and the cycle of four seasons and four directions. People also consider it to represent four quadrants of the Wheel of the Year, a yearly cycle of seasonal festivals.

The Solar Cross symbolizes the solar calendar, charting the sun’s movements marked by the solstices and equinoxes.

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What Does The Sun Symbolize Spiritually?

The sun is a key symbol depicting various positive things across different faiths and cultures. It’s a deep-rooted symbol that has been a part of people’s lives. People worldwide appreciated the symbol during past centuries, and it became a highly revered symbol.

Egyptians connected the sun symbol to several gods like Ra and Horus. It was not only a symbol of immense power but also peace. Louis XIV also called the Sun King, chose his symbol to be the sun when he decided to restore peace and take control of his lands.

The sun represents life, positivity, energy, clarity, confidence, and more. It’s an ever-present energy that ensures that life can survive and grow. The energy of the sun helps one succeed and thrive. 

The sun is also known for its positive effects on the weather, mood, and health. It symbolizes the removal of fear and confusion to bring about clarity. 

Sun Cross Tattoo Meaning

Today people use sun tattoos as a reminder of the direction they want to give to their life. They look towards the sun as a guiding light that helps keep them on track while traveling.

It has origins in time telling, cartography, and traveling when early explorers used the sun to know the east direction from the west. The earliest clock was also actually a sundial. As a tattoo, the sun keeps people-oriented and on the true path.

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People also get the Sun Cross symbol tattoo as it symbolizes courage, strength, power, and mobility. 

Despite being the oldest symbol, the Solar Cross is still prevalent today. It is present in many ancient art and sculptures. Due to its symbolic significance, people continue to incorporate it into everyday life through tattoos, pendants, or other jewelry. 

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