The Many and Various Star Symbol Meanings

star symbol meaning
Stars have held importance in numerous traditions and cultures since ancient times. While some associate them with stories, others believe that they reveal messages. They have been serving as symbols of guidance, protection, ambition, and luck throughout history. 

These fascinating celestial bodies are imbued with symbolic meaning across numerous mediums like religion, movies, art, and even dreams. 

What Does a Star Symbolize?

People often associate stars with positive metaphors. They represent ambition, purity, and good luck. Stars symbolize new beginnings, including those still on the way. 

There are also many spiritual meanings around stars. The celestial objects in the night sky are tied to inspiration, aspiration, dreams, imagination, and pursuits. 

In the case of dreams, a shooting star can be an indication of advancement in life and self-fulfillment. Besides that, dreaming of a star is a representation of goals, desires, and spirit. It can also symbolize faith, hope, and clearness, further highlighting a new beginning on the horizon.

Star Symbolism In Religion, Spirituality & Different Cultures

Many myths about stars have led to superstitious beliefs in various cultures and religions. The legends surrounding stars all point to their spiritual aspect. They’re beyond ordinary and signify the presence of the universe and the spiritual world.


The Islamic star, or the Rub El Hizb, is a star with eight points. It consists of two overlapping squares and a small circle right in the middle. According to Arabic calligraphy, this symbol marks the end of a chapter. 

It also appears in their holy text, the Quran, to indicate the division of the text into passages for both recitation and memorization. The eight-pointed star remains an important symbol in the culture and religion of Muslims. 

The Crescent and Star symbol is an iconic symbol in Islam, although it’s not the religion’s official symbol.

star symbol meaning
The Rub El Hizb is a star symbol seen in Islamic art.


The star symbol associated with Judaism is a six-pointed star. This symbol refers to the Star of David, a reference to a biblical king. 

The hexagram symbol is present on tombstones, synagogues, and the flag of Israel. It was primarily used in architectural decoration and didn’t have much religious significance during the Middle Ages. Kabbalists popularized its use later as a symbol of protection against evil spirits.

This star appeared in Jewish texts and manuscripts only in the 11th century. In 17th-century Prague, the Jews incorporated it into their flags to recognize their efforts in protecting their city from Swedish invaders. 

The Star of David is among the most popular Jewish symbols for their faith and ideology on creation and redemption. 

star symbol meaning
The hexagram star symbol, the Star of David, is associated with Judaism.


Most Christians associate four-pointed stars with a cross. It also represents the Star of Bethlehem, which symbolizes the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A star with five points can be seen as a symbol of oneness. While the top represents the human spirit, the remaining signifies the four elements. It depicts the connection that bonds the human spirit to nature. Besides that, it also symbolizes the human body or the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

star symbol meaning
The Star of Bethlehem symbol represents the birth of Jesus to Christians.


In Hinduism, people worship a six-pointed star, Shatkona, that visually represents the female and male union. Shiva is the upside-down triangle symbolizing the masculine side of god. Still, the downward-pointing triangle is Shakti, representing the feminine side. 

star symbol meaning

The star symbolizes Purusha, the supreme being, and Prakriti, or mother nature. It’s a common part of the Hindu yantra and mandalas used in Jain and Tibetan cultures. 

The Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, often associated with wealth, fortune, power, luxury, and beauty, is symbolized by a star with eight pointed edges formed by overlapping two squares.

Hindus use the star of Lakshmi to represent the religious symbol Ashtalakshmi, which refers to the eight forms of wealth. 

star symbol meaning
The Star of Lakshmi, also known as Ashtalakshmi, symbolizes the eight forms of wealth.


A pentacle symbol consists of a pentagram inside a circle. It’s a common magic or occult symbol. The five-point star Pentagram represents the five elements in Wicca, while the circle signifies the harmony or balance between these elements. 

Apart from that, Eliphas Levi, a French poet, connected the inverted pentacle with the devil or Satan. He believed it resembled a goat’s horns. Since then, the inverted pentacle has appeared as an evil omen in pop culture and media. 

star symbol meaning
The pentacle symbol is revered in the Wiccan religion.

Greek Mythology

The Star of Life, a six-pointed star, and the Staff of Asclepius in the center is a symbol of emergency medical care. While the rod and serpent symbolize the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, every arm of this star represents the system’s functions. 

The paramedics and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel of the US, who have a vital role in public safety, use this symbol.

star symbol meaning
The Star of Life symbol with the Staff of Asclepius symbol

Star Symbols In Tarot

The star symbol is essential in tarot because of the star card. It consists of a woman kneeling close to the edge of a pond holding two water containers in hand. One container pours the water onto the dry land to nourish the land and make it fertile. There is greenery around to indicate it.  

One of her feet is in the water, depicting her spiritual abilities and inner strength. Her other foot is on the ground, indicating her practical skills and strengths. 

Also, there’s a large central star surrounded by seven tiny stars behind her, representing the chakras. It also contains a bird on the tree branch, symbolizing the holy ibis of thought. 

Aquarius is the astrological correspondent of the tarot card of the star. It instills hope, renews power, and gives strength to live. The card also shows how blessed they are by the universe in the form of the things around them.

star symbol meaning
An example of the star symbol on a tarot card

Star Symbolism In Literature

The term north star or guiding star is a part of many pieces of literature. It appears as a symbol for guidance, both physical directions, and guidance for the spirit.  

The symbol doesn’t just highlight the physical guidance offered by stars. It also provides spiritual direction and mental clarity that help people in life.  

Popular Uses of Star Symbols Today

More than 35 countries today use the star symbol on their flags. Stars are also a part of the commercial logos of various top brands. 

star symbol meaning
Suriname’s flag is one of many that features a star.

Stars also represent excellence in different ways. Everything from dining to hotels, children’s rewards to police medals uses stars to indicate high achievement.

A star is one symbol with innumerable meanings and connotations across different religions and faiths. The star represents spirituality, guidance, ambition, wishes, and more. Stars are a constant reminder of the vastness of the universe.


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