The Mysterious Heartagram Meaning

heartagram meaning
The Heartagram symbol is a unique combination of a heart and a pentagram and sometimes has a circle enclosing it. Ville Valo from the band HIM created this symbol, which the band used for its logo. The Heartagram represents opposites like good and evil, male and female, yin and yang. 

What Is A Heartagram?

The Heartagram symbol is a mix of a heart with a pentagram where the two top points are rounded to create the heart shape. 

The lead singer of the Finnish band HIM created the symbol that is recognized as a popular symbol in graffiti, tattoos, or even stickers. Celebrities and artists alike have had the image tattooed on them.

heartagram meaning
Depictions of the Heartagram symbol

Who Created Heartagram?

The origin of the Heartagram symbol goes back to HIM, a Finnish metal band. The symbol is the official logo of the rock band, representing the unity between two opposites, such as death and life or love and hate.

Ville Valo, the lead singer of the band HIM, said he created the symbol when he was only 20. Ville was trying to draw something that would represent the band HIM and was drawing for many hours when he came up with the Heartagram through patience and time.

According to the singer, the Heartagram came to him while drawing. The symbol represents the extremes like male and female, yin and yang, and soft and hard. 

He believed in the concept of the duality of life, which is why this image became the representation of their band. Ville was also interested in life’s balance. He often said that people could take whatever meaning they wanted from it. Still, Ville was thinking of the duality and balance of life.

heartagram meaning
Ville Valo, founder of the band HIM and creator of the Heartagram

When Was The Heartagram Created?

Ville Valo created the logo between 1996 to 2000, around his 20th birthday in 1996. The symbol came into being while doodling in his notebook, along with other logos of the other band. 

He called it the ‘lucky accident’ of the band’s entire career. The Heartagram symbol has appeared on the cover of almost every CD of the band HIM since its birth. It was also the focus of album titles like Love Metal from 2003, the recent greatest hits compilation, and the Tears on Tape from 2013.

What Is The Meaning Of The Heartagram?

The Heartagram consists of a heart and a Pentagram. The symbol Pentagram depicts darkness and evil, while the heart represents good and light. It symbolizes that life is similar to the Heartagram – full of good and evil, but it is up to people to decide which one to embrace. 

Pentagram Symbolism

The Pentagram is a star with five points. The Pentagram was popular in ancient Greece and Babylonia as a symbol of faith by Wiccans. It’s similar to how Christians connect with the symbol of the cross.

The Pentagram nowadays is often confused with the symbol for Satanism. The Church of Satan uses a version of the Pentagram symbol copyrighted to them. It’s the Sigil of Baphomet – a Pentagram with two points up, a goat’s head in the center, and surrounded by two circles. 

Heart Symbolism

The heart symbolizes positive things in life that are associated with emotions. Love and goodness are some of the characteristics related to the heart.

Due to the opposing meaning of the elements of the Heartagram, there needs to be more clarity about the symbol.

Many consider the Heartagram merely a Satanic symbol because they believe the heart stands for the love for Satan. However, it simply depicts the duality between evil and good.

heartagram meaning
The Heartagram is made up of two popular symbols: the heart and the Pentagram.

What Does A Heartagram Tattoo Mean?

The Heartagram tattoo signifies not only the balance but also the duality of life. It is a juxtaposition of love and death, according to Ville Valo. 

Fans of the band HIM also get the Heartagram tattoo to pay tribute to the band.

What Does The Upside Down Heart Tattoo Depict?

The tattoo of an upside-down heart symbolizes a relationship turned upside down or even messed up. It can also imply that there is no love, just hate. 

The upside-down heart symbol might signify that a person is facing challenging conditions and requires reassurance from someone who has passed on. It could also be a sign to open up the heart and express. 

What Does The Tattoo of a Heart And Arrow Mean?

The tattoo of an arrow and a heart, often called the cupid arrow, is a symbol that consists of an arrow piercing through the heart shape or an arrow on the cherub’s bow. It symbolizes desire and romance, or being hit with the arrow depicts falling in love.

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