Triquetra Spiritual Meaning: Exploring this Ancient Symbol

triquetra spiritual meaning
The triquetra symbolizes the power of three, which is a sacred number in many cultures and religions. It has different meanings in each culture, but it commonly means protection, balance, feminine power, and fertility.

What is the Triquetra Spiritual Meaning?

The triquetra has been found in the Celtic, Nordic, and Indian heritage. It has a special significance in each culture, and the meanings are varied. However, there is a common point in symbolism. 

The triquetra denotes the power of three, a sacred number in many cultures. The symbol has interwoven lines with closed ends. The word triquetra comes from Latin, meaning triangular or three-cornered. The triquetra is an ancient symbol based on Celtic history, more commonly known as the Trinity Knot. 

The Triquetra symbol also means the following: 

  • Earth, sea, and sky 
  • Past, present, and future 
  • A symbol of unending love (modern usage) 
  • Three vesicae piscis (mathematical symbol, like a Venn diagram) 

The trinity knot is also called the lover’s knot, though the Celtic lover’s knot is a different design. The Irish use the Celtic symbol and knotwork in jewelry, art, etc.

History Behind the Triquetra Symbol

The trinity/triquetra symbol is famous as a Celtic knot. Its Celtic origins are still debated, but history shows that the symbol is centuries old. It can be traced back to the 7th century AD in Northern Europe. Early Germanic coins have the symbol etched on them. However, many believe that the symbol is much older. 

The trinity symbol is found in several heritage sites. It has been carved onto the walls, rocks, and artifacts made of wood and metal.

Norse Meaning of the Triquetra

Norse mythology has been around for generations. Though both Viking and Norse people belong to Scandinavia, Vikings are warriors and seamen among the Norse people. 

The Valknut is a symbol used to represent the three interlocking triangles and is called Odin’s symbol. It represents bravery, strength, fearlessness, and the fight against evil in Norse culture. The symbol is on war equipment (armor, shields, etc.) and war memorials. It symbolizes eternal life (spiritual), implying no end or beginning. 

The Vikings might have incorporated the triquetra and used it as Valknut when they invaded the Celtic regions (Ireland, Scotland, etc.). 

Triquetra Symbol Protection

The triquetra symbol has another common meaning: protection. The trinity knot is an assurance of safety offered by the divine. It prevents negative energy and safeguards the person wearing the symbol. 

Other Meanings

This symbol also stands for abundance, especially in terms of finances. It can magnify feminine energy and provide emotional strength. It shows that life is lived in stages/ phases and can be filled with ups and downs. 

Spiritual enlightenment and unity of body, spirit, and soul are other meanings of the triquetra symbol. It can also be seen as a sign of good luck coming your way. 

triquetra spiritual meaning
Due to its rich spiritual meaning, many people get the triquetra symbol as a tattoo.

Meaning of Trinity Knot in Different Relgions and Cultures


The Wiccan triquetra symbol denotes a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It indicates that a person who achieves this balance can experience a spiritual awakening. It also connects three forces of nature- air, water, and land to create balance. 


The Celtic triquetra is the same as the triple moon goddess for pagans. The maiden is the first stage, the beginning of life. The mother symbolizes feminine energy and fertility. The crone or the older woman represents wisdom. 


One of the oldest evidence of the triquetra symbol was found in India. The Japanese have a similar symbol called Tomoe, which symbolizes hope/ wishing. The triple tomoe is called mitsudomoe and is much like the triquetra design. 

What is Meaning of the Triquetra Dragon?

The Celtic dragon is a creature of power, control, and sovereignty. It represents the chief of the clan (the leader). In ancient Ireland, the earth was considered the dragon’s body by the druids. The dragons were responsible for connecting the earth’s magnetic points and healing humans who lived on it. 

The triquetra dragon is created by combining the Celtic dragon with the trinity symbol. It is a more modern phenomenon seen in Celtic art and tattoos. The designs can be varied but have a similar theme- a dragon is interwoven with the Celtic trinity knot. 

Since the dragon represented knowledge and wisdom in Anglo-Saxon culture, the triquetra dragon could imply gaining the ultimate wisdom from the trinity that rules the universe. The trinity stands for different elements in different cultures. For Celts, it meant the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It also referred to the trinity of the maiden, mother, and crone (triple goddesses). 

triquetra spiritual meaning
A major symbol in Christianity, the triquetra can be found in the windows of churches.

What Does the Triquetra Symbol Mean in Christianity?

History shows that the triquetra symbol was appropriated into Christianity when Ireland was invaded and converted. The triquetra symbol is used to represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

The pagan symbol became a Christian symbol and a tool to convert pagans and Celts to Christianity without too much coercion or resistance. Though the Church used the trinity, it remained a pagan symbol and a part of the Celtic culture.

The triquetra symbol is also seen as a decorative design in the Book of Kells, a Latin Gospel manuscript also called the Book of Columba. It’s also similar to the Nordic Valknut symbol. The Book of Kells uses the design only as a decorative piece and doesn’t give it any specific significance. 

What Does a Triquetra with a Circle Mean?

The Triquetra with a circle is the Christian version of the trinity knot. It shows that life is a circle. The stages of life are interconnected. It symbolizes spiritual sensitivity and the ability to identify when transitioning from one stage of life to another. 

triquetra symbol meaning
Christians often use the triquetra or trinity knot in artwork, like stained-glass or in mosaics like it is used here.

Is the Trinity Knot Pagan?

The Trinity knot is originally Celtic, a pagan religion with polytheism and nature worship. The symbol was found with drawings of solar and lunar positions, thus implying it could have astronomical significance. 

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