Unicursal Hexagram Meaning & Symbolism

unicursal hexagram
The Unicursal Hexagram has been associated with different cultures and religions for years. It's a six-pointed star with exceptional magical powers. The top and bottom points represent the sun and moon, while the four remaining points symbolize elemental forces.

What Does The Unicursal Hexagram Stand For?

The word unicursal means that you can draw the symbol with a unicursal motion or in a single motion. The hexagram has two equilateral triangles placed onto each other because both triangles have the same central point.

The Unicursal Hexagram is different from the other hexagrams like the Star of David, because this symbol does not have equal-length lines. Also, the lines of the two triangles are interwoven to represent knots.

The Unicursal Hexagram gets its meaning from its ability to be drawn in a singular motion. This is the reason it was used for magical and Wiccan purposes.

unicursal hexagram
The Unicursal Hexagram can be drawn in one motion.

History of the Unicursal Hexagram in Magick

The first recognized use of the Unicursal Hexagram goes back to the 16th century. Giordano Bruno wrote a document titled “Essays Upon The Mathematicians Of Mordente: One Hundred And Sixty Theses/ Articles Against The Mathematicians And Philosophers Of This Age,” where he talked about the Unicursal Hexagram symbol.

The symbol was closely associated with the Golden Dawn group, a secret society that practiced Occultism. The Unicursal Hexagram was also related to the Thelema religion, a Western esoteric or occult society founded by Aleister Crowley in the 1900s.

Crowley’s Unicursal Hexagram became one of the most famous symbols of the Thelema movement and held certain religious beliefs. The Thelemites or the followers of Thelema wear the Unicursal Hexagram to reflect their religious views.

But Aleister Crowley slightly altered the original design by placing a five-petaled rose at the center of the Pentagram. The addition of the rose also increased the number of corners to eleven, considered the divine number of magic and union.

unicursal hexagram
This ring contains a unicursal hexagram with a rose, like the one Aleister Crowley wore.

What Does The Six-Pointed Star In A Circle Mean?

The Unicursal Hexagram or the six-pointed star can also be drawn within a circle. There isn’t any specific meaning associated with the six-pointed star in a circle. When it’s drawn within the circle, the points touch the circle.

The symbol has gained popularity for being an essential part of different religions worldwide. Also, the symbol was used in the popular American show, the Aquarian Star, which added to its popularity.

Different Symbolism Associated with the Unicursal Hexagram

The Unicursal Hexagram has some deep symbolism behind it. This four points on each side of the hexagram are symbolic of the earth, water, air, and fire. The symbol as a whole represents the union of two halves and can show opposites, like male and female.

In alchemy studies, this six-pointed Unicursal Hexagram, along with the central point, represented seven alchemical metals: silver, iron, copper, mercury, gold, tin, and lead.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used the Unicursal Hexagram to invoke and banish spells.

Unicursal Hexagram Uses in Other Religions

The Unicursal Hexagram is featured as the Star of David, which is also known as the Magen David. It’s a symbol of Judaism and is also seen in the flag of Israel.

Mormons have used the Unicursal Hexagram as a representation of the union of God and men and used to carve it on their buildings.

This occult symbol is referred to as the Seal of Solomon as well. Solomon was a prophet who held an essential space in the Islamic religion. The Seal of Solomon is carved on the walls of mosques.

In the Hindu religion, the hexagram is known as the Shatkona. It’s created by combining the Shiva Kona (symbol of lord Shiva and the fire element) and the Shakti Kona (fire element). The Shatkona also represents the Hindu religion’s union of males and females.

unicursal hexagram
Polish musician Adam Darski from the metal band Behemoth

Does The Unicursal Hexagram Have Any Relevance In Modern Times?

The Unicursal Hexagram is still relevant today. People consider it as a magical amulet holding special powers. It’s used in jewelry designs such as bracelets, rings, pendants, etc. If the design has a rose at the center, it shows its association with the Thelemic religion.

The Unicursal Hexagram’s deep symbolic meaning emphasizes opposites, as well as the four main elements.


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