What are Freya Goddess Symbols?

freya goddess symbol
Freyja, anglicized as Freya, is the main goddess in Norse mythology. Freya is an old Norse term that means woman, lady, or mistress. She's the goddess of fertility, love, sex, and war. 

Freya practiced a unique Norse magic called seiðr. She sits on the top of the Vanir deities of Norse mythology, opposite the Asgardians on the other side. The goddess has had many symbols associated with her since ancient times. 

Who is Freya?

Freya is the most revered and beloved Nordic deity. She is the daughter of the god Njörðrand, called Njörðr or Njord, and his sister, who remains unnamed in Norse mythology. Freya also has a brother Freyr, who is the god of prosperity and peace. 

She married Od, or Odr, and had two daughters with him. They were Gersemi and Hnoss, their names indicating preciousness. Freya also had many other names like Freja, Mardôll, Syr, Hôrn, and Gefn.

Freya is known as the goddess of love, and she rules the Vanir, one of the two factions of the Norse deities. The Vanir were peaceful Norse gods, while the other sect, called Asgardians or Aesir, were gods of warriors and Vikings and lived in Asgard. 

Additional History

Odin and his wife Frigg rule the Asgardians, and Freya is the matron goddess of Vanir. She sat atop the Norse pantheon of Vanir gods, and ordinary people like farmers prayed to her. She defended them and stood up for them when needed. 

Freya was the defender goddess who protected in times of war against the Asgardians. According to the myths, she brought peace and fertility in good times but defended the followers in times of threat.

freya goddess symbol
Freya Goddess statue

Freya’s Personality

Although Freya was the goddess of lust and sex, she married Odr. Many myths suggest that he was not beside her and would often go missing. They don’t imply that her husband Odr was unfaithful to Freya but just not present with her. However, Loki once questioned her devotion to Odr.

On the other hand, Freya was always shown to be immensely devoted to her husband. According to the poem Hyndluljóð, she was also full of desire for Odr. Although many gods and giants approached her, she remained faithful and turned down the offers. 

Freya also deeply valued warriors so much that she invited the souls of half of the fallen soldiers to her domain, Fólkvangr, while the other half went in Valhalla to Odin with a valkyrie.

Freya Runes Symbolic Meaning

There are many runes associated with the goddess of love. The first one is Fehu, the first rune of the Fuþark. The rune links creation and procreation and marks the start of a path, journey, or cycle.

Besides also being the rune of wealth, Fehu is associated with spring, woods, forests, rivers, and pastures. Freya, often linked to femininity and abundance, makes this rune perfectly depict her.

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The Fehu symbol

Berkano is the second rune associated with this goddess Freya. It depicts motherhood or a uterus ready for babies. Freya is known as the goddess of fertility and motherhood, and all these protective energies are a part of this rune.

freya goddess symbol
The Berkano symbol

Popular Symbols Associated with Goddess Freya

Besides having a strong association with love, sex, lust, and magic, numerous other symbols are linked to Freya.

Brisingamen Necklace

The most prominent symbol of Freya is the Brisingamen necklace. It’s a rare and beautiful necklace that she managed to secure after going through great trouble. Per the Nordic myths, Freya was in the land of dwarfs when she found them working on this necklace. 

She tried to buy it for any amount of money they quoted, but the dwarfs refused the money and asked her to sleep with the four of them. Although initially disgusted, she later agreed and got the necklace four days later. 


The chariot that Freya uses to travel is also a famous symbol associated with her. It’s a chariot driven by two cats, and Thor gifted it to her. 


Freya’s sacred animal, a boar, is another symbol people associate with her. The boar Hildisvini often accompanied her when riding. 

What Color is Associated with Freya?

The color associated most with Freya is gold. According to Chapter 36 of Prose Edda, she wept red gold tears. Besides that, people also relate yellow, red, pink, green, and white with the Norse goddess. 

Freya Zodiac Meaning

People born under the Leo zodiac sign are filled with Freya’s energetic personality and solar aspect. Like Freya, the goddess of love, these people are dynamic lovers. You can call upon Freya to stimulate your love life. 

freya goddess symbol
Freya is associated with the Leo zodiac symbol

Are Cats A Symbol Of Freya?

According to Norse myths, cats were Freya’s favorite animals. Her chariot was pulled by two male cats of dark blue color gifted to her by Thor. She used the cats to travel to Baldur’s funeral. 

People believe that Freya blessed anyone kind to cats, and they were also sacred animals associated with her. 

freya goddess symbol
Freya traveling to Baldur’s funeral

Freya, old Norse for lady, was the Norse goddess of love. While she sought love and passion, Freya had a more complex character. She was a powerful force and goddess among the legends of Norse mythology, often compared to Venus and Aphrodite.


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