What Does the Leviathan Cross Mean?

Leviathan cross
The Leviathan cross, also known as the Satanic cross, holds a unique metaphorical meaning. There is a lot to learn about the symbolism, significance, and hidden meaning of this Satanic cross that looks similar to the infinity sign.

History of the Leviathan Cross Symbol

The Leviathan cross has a double cross at the top and an infinity symbol at the bottom. The infinity symbol signifies the eternal universe and the universe’s infinite nature.

leviathan cross
An image of the Leviathan cross.

The double cross symbolizes balance & protection between the universe and nature. The cross of Satan was first used by Anton Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan in the Satanic Bible.

But the Leviathan cross was initially designed by the Knights Templar, and later Anton Lavey adopted it.

He used the symbol to mock the original cross to mean that humans are their own center of truth and balance. They are responsible for their actions, and God has nothing to do with it.

The Leviathan is also referred to as a sea serpent because it looks similar to the cross. The sea monster was mentioned in the Jewish and Christian religious texts:

  • The Book of Isaiah– In the Book of Isaiah, Leviathan the serpent was depicted as the enemy of Isaiah. It’s a symbol of evil, and God needed to destroy it.
  • The Book of Psalms– In the book of Psalms, Leviathan was described as a serpent with multiple heads. It was a negative character whom God killed and served to the starving Hebrews. The story represents God’s power over evil and His power to protect people in their needs.
  • The Book of Job– The Book of Job also depicts the Leviathan as a giant monster, and everyone is terrified of it. But it’s not entirely depicted as a negative character here. The giant monster symbolizes God’s extraordinary powers.

Apart from these, the symbol of Leviathan is also present in the First Book of Enoch and the Book of Amos. The imagery of the sea serpent varies slightly in all these books. However, all denote more or less the same meaning.

There is a conflict of opinion among people regarding the depiction of the Leviathan. Some say it was God’s creation and others believe it was Satan’s creation and symbolized Satan’s beast.

The Leviathan cross is also known as the Brimstone symbol. Brimstone is the old word for sulfur, and there is a connection between these two.

The Leviathan cross was the symbol of sulfur in Alchemy. And sulfur is a prime alchemical symbol and one of alchemical studies’ three main natural elements.

Sulfur is associated with fire or brimstone, which represents the deaths, torments, and sufferings of Hell. Ultimately, the Leviathan cross symbolizes Hell and its sufferings and Satan itself.

leviathan cross
Borrowing imagery from the book of Isaiah, the Leviathan cross is here depicted with a serpent.

Different Symbolism Associated With The Leviathan Cross

The Leviathan cross is associated with different cultural and religious symbols, from Brimstone Symbol to Occult Symbols.


The Leviathan is an ancient symbol of unity. It symbolizes the perfect state where people live in perfect unity.

A Challenge To God

The Leviathan cross, or the Satanic cross, is a sign of the challenge to God. It’s a symbol of evil and a way of protesting goodness and God and human protest to God and heavenly powers.

Symbol of Large Things

The Leviathan cross, or the leviathan symbol, generally represents anything large. However, it’s a negative symbol. It represents anything large or all-consuming.

Brimstone Symbol

The leviathan symbol is the Brimstone symbol and an important element in the alchemical study. And it represents the torments and sufferings of Hell.

Wiccan Symbol

The Leviathan cross and the Wiccan cross are also quite similar. When pointed down, the upside-down cross represents evil powers, which could be why Anton Lavey adopted the Leviathan cross or the Wicca symbol as the primary sign of the Church of Satan along with the Sigil of Lucifer, Sigil of Baphomet, etc.

These are some of the most popular symbols associated with the Leviathan cross and their meaning. Considering all the signs and their usage, it’s safe to say that this cross is a symbol of Satanism and has been used as a sign to express dissociation from God.


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