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symbol for determination
Determination is a person's inner strength to complete a task or handle an opponent. Everyone has to show determination to achieve their goals despite the odds and make a good life. Determination transforms a person positively and keeps them going even in tough conditions. Many symbols have been used to represent determination since ancient times. Popular determination symbols include the lotus flower, oak tree, uruz rune, Hamsa, and golden eagles.

What Does Determination Mean?

Determination is the quality that makes you try to achieve something, even if it’s difficult. It keeps you motivated to stay focused on your goals and constantly improve yourself to convert dreams into reality. Determination is the ability to overcome failure and move forward, no matter the obstacles. 

What Flower Represents Determination?

Several flowers represent determination including the ammonia, phacelia, and valeriana.


The amsonia is popularly known as the blue star and belongs to North America. The flower is a symbol of determination, strength, and endurance. It symbolizes the ability to face obstacles and overcome them. 


It’s also known as Scorpionweed and is native to the North and South American continents. Phacelia comes from the Greek word phakelos, meaning cluster or bundle. It symbolizes determination, endurance, strength, and adaptability. 


This flower is found across Asia, Europe, and North America. It shows physical and mental health and the inner strength required to overcome health issues. 

symbol for determination
Amsonias (top left), phacelias (bottom left), and valerianas (right) display qualities associated with determination.

What Animal is a Symbol for Determination?


The horse represents determination, intellect, speed, power, rank, and riches in ancient Greece. It’s one of the sacred animals for the Chinese. Native Americans associate the horse with power, strength, and mobility. 


The tiger is a Chinese symbol of power, bravery, courage, and determination. It is also a sign of protection. The tiger is an important animal in Hinduism too. 


The boar spirit animal symbolizes stubborn determination and the willingness to put in hard work to achieve goals. 

symbol for determination
Many cultures associated horses, boars, and tigers with determination and tenacity.

Native American Symbols for Determination


Beavers symbolize determination, hard work, and family values. The beaver is one of the important animals for Native Americans and is the national symbol of Canada. It also represents abundance and fertility. 


The bear is a powerful spirit animal for Native Americans. They wear bear talismans or charms for good luck and protection. The bear symbolizes determination, strength, leadership, and courage. 

symbol for determination
Many Native American tribes highlight the determination displayed by both beavers and bears.

Determination Symbols in Ancient Egypt     

Ancient Egyptians used the scarab beetle to represent determination. It also represented fertility, vigor, strength, metamorphosis, and resistance.

The scarab beetle is associated with Khepri, the sun god, and denotes rebirth and resurrection. The amulets were placed on dead bodies to protect them from evil during their journey to the underworld. 

symbol for determination
Scarab beetles show determination as symbols of resurrection.

Symbols of Determination in Greek Mythology       

The Greek goddess Demeter is Persephone’s mother. She was relentless and determined in her search to find her daughter kidnapped by Hades, making her a symbol of determination in ancient Greece. 

Also, Atlas is a powerful Titan who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He symbolizes determination and endurance for bearing a load of keeping the earth and heavens separate. 

Other Popular Determination Symbols

There are various popular determination symbols derived from different cultures across the world. 

Lotus Flower  

The lotus flower symbolizes strength, tenacity, resilience, and determination in Buddhism. The flower pushes its way up through murky and muddy waters to rise twelve inches above the surface. The lotus flower is an ancient and famous emblem used by Hindus and Egyptians. 


The Hamsa comes from an Arabic word, Khamsa, meaning five. It’s a sacred symbol for Jews and people of the Middle East. The Hamsa symbolizes protection from the evil eye, power, inner strength, and good fortune. 

Uruz Rune   

Vikings and Norse people use the Uruz rune. It represents determination, power, and bravery. The word Uruz has its roots in aurochs, wild oxen. The symbol represents mental strength and physical power, virility, endurance, stamina, and fertility. 

symbol for determination
The Uruz rune is a sign of determination is ancient Norse culture.

Oak Tree and Dara Knot 

The oak tree is one of the ancient symbols of determination, power, resistance, morale, and wisdom. The druids considered it a holy tree.

This tree can withstand adverse conditions and continue to stand tall despite them. It has an important place in Celtic culture. Celts designed the Dara knot to resemble the roots of the oak tree. 


The Ailm is the sixth Ogham alphabet, a language found engraved on many stones across Ireland. The silver fir tree is associated with Ailm and symbolizes tenacity, determination, and endurance. It also represents spiritual healing. 

Okodee Mmowere   

Okodee Mmowere means the talons of the eagle. It is found on the Adinkra symbols sacred to Africans. The Akan tribe considers the eagle a powerful bird symbolizing strength, resolve, courage, bravery, and solidarity. 


The phoenix is a mythical bird associated with rebirth and new beginnings. The bird rises from its ashes, symbolizing determination and power. It has its origins in the ancient Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Egyptians called it Bennu. The Roman Empire used it as an emblem. 

symbol for determination
As a mythical creature that rises from the ashes, the Phoenix displays determination by bringing life from death.


The Triskelion is called the spiral knot and comes from the Greek word triskeles, meaning three legs. It denotes the set of three elements: life-death-rebirth, creation-protection-devastation, or earth-spirit-heaven. Celts use this symbol to show that life goes on no matter what obstacles come. 


The Taurus zodiac sign represents the bull and belongs to the element earth. It stands for determination, passion, intensity, dedication, and hard work. People with Taurus sun and moon signs are stubborn and persistent.

Why Is a Symbol of Determination Important?

Symbols help in communication and identification. Symbols have been used since ancient times to encourage people to lead happy lives, to create a sense of bonding and kinship, and to provide a much-needed boost of confidence. 

Though people argue about the magical aspects of symbols, there’s no denying the psychological impact on human behavior. A person with faith in symbols will find comfort and strength during tough times. The symbols for determination also serve the same purpose. 

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