Elephant Spirit Animal Symbolism

elephant spirit animal
Elephant spirit animal symbolism is common in many cultures across the world. Elephants represent strength, calmness, and memory, among other deeper meanings.

Elephant Symbolism in Various Cultures

Elephants are mighty creatures who have been part of different religious and cultural mythologies for years. These intelligent animals are much more than their giant bodies. They’re the most peaceful, gentle, and wise spirit creatures.

With a powerful brain that contains approx 300 billion neurons, elephants possess deep emotions, thoughts, and understanding.

Seeing an elephant also symbolizes good fortune and a better relationship with the Sacred Feminine, which is also a sign of matriarchal energies. Elephants represent other important concepts as well.

elephant spirit animal
Elephants are peaceful and gentle spirit creatures.

Symbol of Memory and Wisdom

The elephant is one of the wisest animals of all. Comparing anyone with an elephant symbolizes that person’s intellect and memory.

An elephant can survive a maximum of seventy years of age. Scientists say that the reason for their long life is their ability to remember water and food sources.

Additionally, elephants can sense dangerous situations and know how to avoid them. Researchers have made elephants smell and see different things to see their reactions. They saw that elephants were able to sense things that were harmful to them.

Elephant Spirit Animal in Native American Culture

Elephants were not native animals of America, but they looked similar to another creature, the Wooly Mammoth. When the Southeastern American tribes first saw the animals, they instantly related them to mammoths.

Native American tribes saw elephants as blessings and also associated them with sexual energy. Moreover, these tribes also used mammoth tusks to make medicine, jewelry, whistles, and other decorative items.

Elephant Symbolism in Hinduism

The elephant is the most sacred animal in Hinduism. Also, the most important deity in the Hindu religion, the god Ganesh, has the head of an elephant who rides on a mouse.

Hindus associate the Hindu god Ganesh with intelligence, a symbol of good luck, inner strength, and wisdom. Lord Ganesh is also seen as the remover of obstacles, and people believe that worshipping him will take away all your sorrows and obstacles from life.

elephant spirit animal
A depiction of an elephant in Hindu folk art

Elephant Symbolism In Buddhism

Buddhist people consider the elephant, especially the white elephant, as the reincarnation of Buddha or Shakyamuni. An elephant is equivalent to God in Buddhism. Various Buddhist temples across India have portraits of deities with animal heads.

Kangiten, a Buddhist god, is depicted as a man and woman embracing both with animal heads.

Elephant Symbolism In Africa

Elephants are the native animal of sub-Saharan Africa. They’ve been a part of their culture and mythologies for a long time.

In folklore and mythologies, African elephants symbolize strength, nobility, wisdom, royal legacy, and war. The kingdom of Dahomey associated animals with the ruler of the Fon people, Guezo and his son Glele. The flag of Dahomey, which is now also the flag of Benin, features an elephant wearing a crown.

Moreover, the Ashanti people of Africa considered the elephant as their reincarnated leader.

Elephant Symbolism In Christianity

In Christianity, the elephant stands as a symbol of patience, temperance, and chastity. People also associate the elephant with Adam and Eve in their male and female versions.

Christians in ancient times believed that elephants did not have joints in their knee, so it represented the fall of men. Additionally, a fallen elephant also represents men committing sins.

Elephant Symbolism in Chinese Culture

Apart from these, the elephant was also an important character in Chinese culture with the symbolic meanings being good luck, strength, wisdom, and intelligence.

elephant spirit animal
The elephant spirit animal symbolizes protection and guidance.

Elephants as Totem or Spirit Animals

A spirit animal is a spiritual guide to protect you, teach you lessons, and show you the right path in difficult situations.

Elephant spirit animal signifies protection, kinship, and great connections. Also, the elephant totem works as a power animal that motivates you to move forward in life.

It makes you more intuitive and helps you make better judgments. If the elephant is your spirit guide, you’ll be able to deal with any situation in life with the right mindset.

If you have an elephant as your spirit animal, you probably have a strong sense of responsibility towards your loved ones. And you don’t easily lose the sense of where you belong because elephants don’t usually forget their roots.

While there are so many positive things about elephants being your spirit animal, it may also be an indication of laziness.

How Can You Tell if You Have the Elephant Spirit Animal Personality?

You can tell if an elephant is your spirit animal if you feel strongly related to the image or sight of the animal. Moreover, if you have the qualities mentioned above, the elephant could be your spirit animal.

Other Elephant Symbolism Throughout The World

There are other types of elephant symbolism throughout time and history.

Celtic Elephant Symbolism

All major Celtic spiritual texts mention the use of elephants in war, but no mythology or folklore was related to the elephants.

Black Elephant Symbolism

The black elephant symbolizes authority, permission, and darkness. If you dream of a black elephant, it signifies overcoming fear and obstacles and establishing your authority.

Golden Elephant Symbolism

The golden elephant symbolizes abundance and good luck. Seeing the golden elephant means good luck, fortune, and riches await you.

elephant spirit animal
Seeing the golden elephant is a sign of good luck

Elephant Symbolism in Dreams

Seeing an elephant in dreams has different meanings. If you dream of an elephant, it generally symbolizes strength and courage to carry out anything.

If you see an elephant riding in your dreams, it means you’re overcoming your fears and discovering the power inside you.

If you see an injured elephant in your dreams, it signifies your empathic and caring nature. It means that you can feel the pain of your close ones.

Seeing an elephant chasing in your dreams means you’re trying to avoid any stressful or unpleasant situation in your life.

Further, the dream of a baby elephant means success. But to achieve that success, you must be prepared to accept new challenges and take responsibility.

elephant spirit animal
Elephant symbolism is powerful in nature and in art.

Elephant Spirit Animals as Powerful Symbols

Apart from these, there is so much other symbolism associated with these gentle giants. People also get elephant tattoos when they relate to the qualities of an elephant. Different countries, cultures, and religions in the world worship elephants. The elephant is regarded as one of the most powerful and common symbols across the world.

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