Frog Spirit Animal Meaning

frog spirit animal
The frog spirit animal is a symbol of transformation and change. It represents the water element and helps people connect with their feminine side. The frog symbolizes cleansing, fertility, releasing baggage, accepting your power, and gaining ancient wisdom. It is associated with love in ancient Rome and is seen as a walker of two worlds by shamans. Frogs are sacred in various cultures from around the world. 

Frog Spirit Animal Symbolism

Frogs have been on the earth for as long as humans have existed (200 million years). The animals are mentioned in several folklore and mythologies. The frog is a popular amphibian symbolizing good luck, fertility, purity, prosperity, and transformation. It also represents the arrival of spring/ new birth/ renewal. 

As a spirit animal, the frog advises people to unlock their potential, be bold to take chances, and express themselves (like how the frog sings at night). It symbolizes cleansing negative emotions and releasing unwanted baggage to move ahead. 

frog spirit animal
Frogs are a common spirit animal symbol associated with prosperity and good fortune.

First Nations Frog Symbolism

First Nations people are from indigenous communities. Frogs are associated with rain, fresh water, growth, and renewal in many Native American cultures. The Chippewa, Pueblo, Tlingit, and Zuni tribes come under the Frog Clan. The Australian Aborigines have Tiddalik, a giant frog, in their folklore. 

Egyptian Frog Symbolism

Part-human and part-animal gods are common in ancient Egypt. Egyptians worshiped The Ogdoad of Hermepolis, a group of eight deities with human bodies and frogs and snakes as heads. The deities had male frogs and female snake heads. The gods were couples (one male & one female) and thus worshiped as a unit. 

Heqet (Heket) is a famous Egyptian goddess of rebirth and fertility. She is also known as Frog Goddess and is symbolized by a woman with a frog head. They say she protects women during childbirth. Heqet is the daughter of the Sun god Ra, though her mother is not known. She is the wife of Horus, the Elder (Horus the Great/ Heru/ Hor), the god of the sky and kingship. 

Celtic Frog Symbolism

For the Celts, the symbolism of the frog included rain, earth, and fertility (as frogs lay around 2000 to 20,000 eggs at once). The animals also have healing power. In ancient times, people would place a frog in a child’s mouth and release it in water. They believed that the children would be cured of upper respiratory tract infections. 

Ancient Celts also had stories about frog kings. A famous story goes that frogs have jewels in their head (which look like stones). A person who befriended and tamed a frog can tap it on the head to release the jewel.  

In Celtic culture, frog croaks implied imminent rain. Hindus have similar beliefs.  

Chinese Frog Symbolism

The money frog is a well-known ancient Chinese symbol. It is a three-legged toad associated with good fortune, wealth, and prosperity. The emblem is a toad with two front legs and a tail (like a tadpole tail).

Ancient Chinese motifs used frogs and toads (though they are different). The money frog produces gold and silver from its mouth and is used as an embellishing piece in many homes (to attract wealth). 

frog spirit animal
The frog and toad is considered a symbol of wealth and good fortune

Frog Totem Animal

A totem animal is a protector and represents the positive attributes of the animal. The frog totem is associated with prosperity and abundance. It brings good fortune to your life. The animal will help you identify and cleanse toxic emotions from your life. The frog totem guides emotional release. 

This is linked with how frog spirit animals to aid in transforming into a better version of yourself. It symbolizes letting go of old beliefs and emotions that no longer serve their purpose. The animal guides you in adopting new perspectives and making the most of new opportunities. 

frog spirit animal
The frog totem is a symbol of transformation.

What Does it Mean When a Frog Visits You?

A visit from a frog is considered a sign of good luck. Frogs bring abundance, good luck, health, healing, development, and fertility to people’s lives. The Greeks, Romans, Celts, Egyptians, Japanese, and Hindus consider frogs a favorable omen. 

Frog Spiritual Meaning in the Bible 

Frogs are mentioned in the Bible but don’t have the same importance as pagan cultures. In the Book of Exodus 8:6, frogs are called the Second Plague of Egypt. In the Book of Revelation 16:13, John the Elder compares unclean spirits to frogs. 

Since frogs are a symbol of fertility in pagan religions, they symbolize sexual promiscuity in the Bible. the Bible uses frogs to present other gods/cultures as inferior and unclean. 

Tree Frog Spiritual Meaning

The tree frog is a sign that your efforts will be rewarded. It implies that life will be better in the coming days. Those looking for freedom might have chances to travel and explore. The green tree frog represents intuition, power, success, prosperity, potential, and money. 

The spiritual meaning of the tree frog is for you to stop procrastinating and remove blockages from your life. It can be emotional, psychological, or spiritual. The tree frog urges you to heal and accept your power. 

Are Tree Frogs a Sign of Death?

Tree frogs are not a sign of death. They symbolize times of change. However, tree frogs are poisonous as they secrete and carry salmonella bacteria. This bacterium causes fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. The side effects should subside in a few hours. 

Since tree frogs can make you ill if you touch them (the secretions are on their skin), people do associate them with death. 

frog spirit animal
Tree frogs are not a common symbol of death, but they are extremely poisonous.

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