Popular Protection Symbols and Their Meanings

protection symbols
Protection symbols have ancient roots. People used symbols, sigils, runes, etc., to ward off evil spirits and stay protected by their gods. The symbols provide psychological, emotional, and physical strength to fight dark magic. 

Every culture has its set of protection symbols. The symbols safeguard people from negative energies and back luck. However, each symbol has its significance. 

Some provide protection from diseases, a few from injuries, some from animal attacks, etc. 

Celtic Protection Symbols 

The Celts have a plethora of symbols and use them widely for varied purposes. Knots are common Celtic symbols, such as the lover’s knot, sailor’s knot, shield knot, etc. The shield knot is a protection symbol. Other symbols for protection are triquetra (trinity knot) and spiral. 

Triquetra (Trinity Knot)

The trinity knot dates back to the Celtic culture. Some say it is even older. It was later appropriated and used in the Christian context. The Trinity knot is a representation of triple power. It provides protection and creates a spiritual connection with nature. 

protection symbols
The Celtic triquetra symbol, seen here as a tattoo, is often used as a symbol of protection.

Wiccan Protection Symbols 

Magic and nature worship are core elements of the Wiccan faith. It is a pagan-based religion with a male and female God (Horned God and the Earth/ Moon Goddess) as deities. Wicca protection symbols are the pentacle, triple moon, crossed spears, solar cross, and Athame (ceremonial dagger). 

Pentagram and Pentacle

The Wiccan pentagram has five nature elements- earth, fire, wind, water, and spirit represented by five-pointed corners of the star drawn in sacred geometry design. It is a symbol of protection and a connection between the elements. 

A Pentacle is commonly found in Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc., and is also a Christian symbol. It is different from a pentagram. The pentacle is a five-pointed star inside a circle. The pentagram is a star without a circle. 

protection symbols
The pentacle carries a number of meanings, one of which is a sign of protection.

Pagan Protection Symbols

Pagans are nature worshipers with symbolism deeply rooted in their lives. Nature’s elements, such as the spirit, water, wind, fire, and earth, are vital to religion. Pagan protection symbols are the ankh, horned god, valknut, labyrinth, etc. 

protection symbols
The valknut, which originated in Norse mythology, is a pagan symbol of protection.

Greek Protection Symbols

Ancient Greece was a land of polytheism. The Greeks used different protection symbols for safety and good luck. Hecate’s wheel, spiral Goddess, and Inanna’s knot are popular Greek protection symbols. 

Egyptian Protection Symbols 

The Egyptian culture has always been a blend of real and spiritual life. Symbols are found everywhere in ancient Egypt, especially in architecture. The Egyptian symbols for protection include the eye of Ra, the scarab, the Eye of Horus, the crescent moon, and the Egyptian knife. 

The Eye of Horus

It is also known as Wadjet (Ujat) and means the Whole One. The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol with protective and healing power. It is used as amulets, pendants, carvings on walls, wood, etc. 

What Does the Eye of Horus Symbolize?

Horus is the sky god with the sun and moon as his eyes. The eye of Horus is sometimes referred to as the eye of Ra (Sun God) and sometimes as the eye of Thoth (Moon God). The Eye of Horus symbolizes the eye of an ancient God who protects the living and the dead. It can ward off curses, hexes, and ill feelings from others. 

protection symbols
The Eye of Horus, representing the all seeing eye of the sky god Horus, is a symbol of protection against spiritual evil.

Is the All-Seeing Eye the Same as the Eye of Horus?

Yes. The all-seeing eye is the eye of Horus. It is also used for measuring ingredients to prepare medicines. 

What is the Evil Eye of Ra?

The Eye of Ra is the daughter of the Sun God. It subdues enemies and fights demons to protect the wearer. Because of the feminine energy, the Eye of Ra is also associated with creativity and birth. It is a commonly found talisman because of its dual nature. 

Indian Protection Symbols

Hinduism in India is the oldest surviving pagan religion in the world. With several gods, goddesses, rituals, and celebrations, Hinduism has its share of protection symbols like the swastika, Om, and lotus. Om is also a universal symbol and the first word of Hindu prayer. 

Native American Protection Symbols

Native Americans have rich cultural history passed down verbally and through symbols. They are rooted in nature and use various signs and designs to protect themselves from harmful elements. Well-known Native American protection symbols are the dream catcher, arrow, and evil eye protection. 

What are Some Other Symbols that Represent Protection? 

A few commonly used protection symbols from other religions and cultures are: 

  • Nazar (Turkish) 
  • Chakra (Hinduism) 
  • Runes (Norse) 
  • Dragon (Chinese)
  • Horseshoe (Roman) 
  • Unicorn (French)

Evil Eye of Protection

The Evil Eye is μάτι (mati) in the Greek language. When a person with jealousy, envy, or dislike stares at another person, it results in an evil eye and creates bad luck for the latter. The evil eye protective amulet or talisman protects from such stares and keeps the wearer safe. It is shaped like an eye and made of metals, glass, or gemstones. 

Helm of Awe

It is a powerful Old Norse symbol. Helm of Awe can be good, bad, mighty, or used for protection. It has a prominent role in Viking mythology and combines Germanic runes. The symbol has eight arms that look like spiked tridents projecting toward a central point. The Helm of Awe was used by Viking warriors to gain courage, be fearless, and defeat opponents. 

Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa Hand (Hand of Fatima) has two origins. One comes from Judaism, which represents the five books of the Torah. The second is in Islam, where it symbolizes five Islamic beliefs. It is used to prevent negative energy and provide protection in its upright position. It attracts prosperity in the downward position. 

protection symbols
The Hand of Hamsa is a sign of protection in both Judaism and Islam.


A sigil is a Latin word meaning seal or signet. It is a symbol that allows people to work with their subconscious. 

What is a Sigil?

sigil is a design/ symbol that removes barriers the conscious mind places. 

Purpose of Sigils

A sigil helps people focus on their dreams and achieve their goals. It can be drawn using alphabets, squares, lines, or circles. 

Protection symbols are manifestations that work to protect a person wearing them. The symbols can be drawn on the body (tattooed) or worn as charms, pendants, earrings, bracelets, carvings, etc. Use the proper protection symbol based on your requirement. 


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