Soulmate Symbols of Love: Signs You Need to Know

soulmate symbols of love
Soulmate symbols of love can be found in many cultures worldwide, from Greco-Roman traditions to Hinduism and more. Some examples include the heart, rose quartz, Cupid, swans, Anahata Chakra, Celtic love knots, Claddagh rings, and the Ankh symbol. 

Symbols of Love in Different Cultures

For centuries, eternal love symbols have helped humans understand love’s power. It is the everlasting love that saves and guides us in many ways in our life. Many symbols attached to love to exude its power to us. 

Heart: Christian Symbol Of Love 

Besides being an eternal symbol of love in the West, the heart is also a Christian symbol of love. The heart symbol shows one of the strongest connections to love beyond cultures, as the heart was believed to be the place that gives birth to emotions. 

It is believed that the heart symbol evolved as the derivative of the human heart without veins and arteries. Through assumption, historians and cultural studies expert has related heart shape to love as the sensation of love starts at the heart.

The heart beats faster, louder, or harder when we feel love. However, in Christianity, the heart symbolizes God’s love, charity, and humanity. Moreover, the heart is a Christian symbol of devotion, joy, courage, and love – love for one and all.

Rose Quartz: Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Symbol of Love

If you ask people who are use crystals about love, they’ll refer to and recommend rose quartz. It’s one of the long-lasting symbols of love related to Cupid and Eros. Besides, rose quartz is related to Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies. 

It’s believed that Cupid brought the rose quartz to humans to instill in them the values of hope and love. Apart from that, rose quartz symbolizes beauty to Romans and Egyptians. In North America, rose quartz is a symbol of peace and balance. 

The soft and blushing pink color is what makes the rose quartz unique. It is also related to love, partially due to this pink color. Moreover, the person owning the rose quartz is said to feel a calming effect that boosts their self-esteem. It also heals humans during emotional turmoil

All these traits have concurrently fixed the relation of rose quartz as a symbol of love. 

Rose quartz is a Greek, Roman, and Egyptian symbol of love.

Cupid: Greco-Roman Symbol Of Love

The Roman deity Cupid is a symbol related to Greco-roman culture. He is also known as Eros in Greek mythology. Besides being the god of love, he is a devoted companion of Aphrodite. His character is believed to have a playful spirit. 

Ancient greeks believe Eros, or Cupid, is an expert in lighting the spark of love in humans and gods. He carries a bow and an arrow to arouse love. It’s believed that Cupid’s arrow is the greatest symbol of love. If you get stuck by Cupid’s arrow, the legend says that you’ll fall in love.

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of the Roman god of war Mars and the roman goddess of love, Venus. However, in Greek mythology, he is the child of Aphrodite. In some instances, Cupid is also depicted as blindfolded. It is symbolic of love being blind. 

soulmate symbols of love
In both Greek and Roman mythology, Cupid is portrayed as a playful symbol of love.

Swan: Roman Symbol of Love 

The most justified reason why swans are related to love is their loyalty in partnership. Swan’s mate for a lifetime. The partners accompany each other throughout their life and go everywhere together. 

Swans touching each other’s beaks while sitting opposite each other is a universal symbol of love. While courting, their joined neck portrays the symbol of the heart. It is also a reason why swans are related to a love symbol. 

Apart from that, swans also symbolize Venus and Aphrodite, the Roman God and Greek goddess of love and passion. They’re also associated with Virgin Mary. They become a love symbol for Romans, Greeks, and Christians. 

Moreover, swans protect their partner and offspring, making them dutiful. Due to these traits, they are a part of the symbols of love. 

soulmate symbols of love
Swans are considered a symbol of love especially when their beaks touch and their necks form a heart.

Anahata Chakra: Hindu Symbol of Love 

Anahata Chakra is the chakra or circle among the seven chakras in the human body. According to the Hindu scriptures, this chakra is representative of all the matters of the heart. It’s believed that when this chakra is in balance, humans feel unconditional love. 

Anahata Chakra depicts love for all. It is symbolic of eternal love, unconditional love, and love for oneself, apart from the love for the universe. This chakra is a symbol of love for both Hindus and Buddhists. 

The Buddhists refer to this chakra as Dharma, located in the middle. It’s symbolic of compassion and care. Moreover, it is represented as a yantra with a 12-petal green lotus or padme. The yantra has two intersecting triangles (Shatkona) symbolic of the union of man and woman. 

Anahata means calmness, balance, and serenity in Sanskrit. Chakras are believed to be the energy centers for the human body. 

soulmate symbols of love
This is a depiction of the Anahata Chakra symbol.

Celtic Love Knot

The Celtic love knot is one of Ireland’s most potent symbols of love. It signifies the eternal love between two people portrayed through interlocking hearts. The interlocking hearts represent soul friends or soulmates that cannot be broken. 

The Celtic knot is much old, as you can find references in medieval texts like The Canterbury Tales, Sir Gawain, and the Green Knight. The three sides of the knot symbolize water, earth, and fire. 

Semiologists interpret the three sides’ movement as moving your love forward. You can feel the presence of the Celtic knot as a symbol of love across Europe. 

soulmate symbols of love
This Celtic love knot is a popular tattoo for couples who want to express their everlasting love and commitment.

Claddagh Ring: Celtic Symbol of Love 

The Irish Claddagh ring is also a Celtic symbol of love that dates back to the 17 century. It’s an ancient symbol that portrays two hands holding a heart. Over the heart, there is a crown. The hands that have the heart are symbols of friendship. 

The heart, as usual, is the symbol of love. However, the crown symbolizes loyalty or faithfulness. Though there’s no proper history related to the symbol of the Claddagh ring, the legend of a prisoned young man is related to the ring.  

According to the legend, the young man was forced to work as a blacksmith. He stole tiny bits of metal for a long time and designed the ring. When freed, he returned to Ireland and gifted the ring to his lover.

soulmate symbols of love
The Claddagh ring

Egyptian Love Symbols

Apart from these, there are many symbols of love, a prominent one being the Ankh symbol. In ancient Egypt, The Ankh symbol is an important symbol of fertility.

soulmate symbols of love
The Ankh symbol is an ancient symbol of fertility.

It is also known as the “key of life.” It’s related to and considered representative of a woman’s uterus. Across various cultures, love has evolved as a new symbol. 

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