What Are Common Lust Symbols?

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Lust is generally termed as a sexual desire for another person. However, it can be a desire for power, fame, money, or other materialistic aspects. Lust should not be confused with passion (a drive that nudges people to achieve their goals) or love. Common symbols of lust include apples, chocolate, and wine, as well as Calla Lillies, goats, and various gods and goddesses.

Lust is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Seven Deadly Sins include gluttony, sloth, pride, wrath, greed, envy, and lust. The seven sins are found in various theologies, though the Christian version is more popular and commonly used.

Defining Lust

Lust has been a taboo and a controversial topic for many centuries. It’s defined as sexual desire or insatiable thirst and hunger for something specific, like riches, wealth, power, or control. The definition of lust differs in religion and science.  

In religious contexts, lust is a sin that should be avoided. Scientists would say that lust is a normal chemical reaction in the body and not limited to humans. Various hormones in the body make a being lustful to help with procreation. 

Scientifically, lust cannot be categorized as healthy or unhealthy. This depends on how a person responds to the feeling.  

Artists have a different view of lust. The sins of lust are a popular theme in artworks and literature. Artists present lust in both positive and negative lights. Apart from this, there are other symbols associated with lust. 

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Lust Symbols in Greek Mythology

For Ancient Greeks, the apple is a symbol of love, lust, and sexual desires. Dionysus, the god of wine, offers apples to Aphrodite to show his love for her. The goddess Gaia offers golden apples to Hera and Zeus as their wedding present. 

Himeros is the god of sexual desire and unrequited love in Greek mythology. He is the brother of Eros and has a bow and arrows. Eros represents love and lust. The two brothers shoot arrows of love and desire at unsuspecting gods and mortals. 

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Eros, known commonly today as Cupid, is the Greek god of love and lust.

Other Common Symbols of Lust

The following are common symbols of lust. 


This lovely fruit symbolizes lust in Bible and Greek mythology. The Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden is depicted as an apple tree. However, the apple symbolizes lust only when associated with Adam and Eve. Christians use the apple and paradise to indicate that lust leads to the fall of humans (similar to what happened with Adam and Eve). 

An interesting point is that the Bible doesn’t mention the apple when it talks of the forbidden fruit. This association has come from Christians who equated evil with apple (malum with malus in Latin).

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Apples are often treated as symbols of lust because of their association of the Tree of Knowledge in Genesis.


Nikuyoku is a Japanese symbol of lust. The Japanese have Kanji symbols to denote each of the seven sins. Taida is a symbol of sloth/ laziness, Gekido denotes wrath, Shitto is associated with envy, and Nikuyoku symbolizes lust. The anime version of this symbol is represented by a girl/ woman. 


Disney fans will recognize Cruella as one of the famous villains. She is a bold and beautiful woman with a secret desire for lust, admiration, attention, etc. Though she is not a great example of lust, some people associate her with this sin because of her personality traits. 

Demon of Lust – Asmodeus

Asmodeus is one of the Seven Princes of Hell. He is a demon with three heads (one each of a man, sheep, and bull). Some consider Asmodeus as Lilith’s husband. He is depicted as a playful demon that preys on humans, kings, and gods to make them succumb to lust. The story goes that Asmodeus preyed on a young girl named Sarah and killed seven men who lusted after her and wanted to marry her. 

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Asmodeus is believed to be a prince of hell who seeks to entice people to succumb to lust.

Goddess Hathor

Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of love, feminity, and happiness. She is sometimes called the mistress of love, which represents her sexual aspects and has come to be associated with lust. Hathor is also the goddess of destruction. She is the daughter of the sun god Ra and the sky goddess Nut. She is portrayed as a woman with a cow’s head. Hence, the cow is also considered a symbol of lust. 

lust symbols
Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of love and femininity.

What is the Latin Name for Lust?

The Latin word for lust is concupiscentiam. It is also known as libidine or libidio. To lust is called concupiscere in Latin. 

Food Symbols of Lust

Apple isn’t the only food item associated with lust. Some of these are commonly used to denote love, lust, desire, etc. 


Chocolates have been an aphrodisiac even during the Aztec civilization. It is a popular Valentine’s day gift and a symbol of love. Chocolates have phenylethylamine and serotonin chemicals that act as mood boosters. They are also mild sexual stimulants, thus improving the mood of a person who consumes them. 

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Considered and aphrodisiac that can improve sex drive, chocolate is often used as a symbol of lust.

Wine/ Grapes

Vino is a Latin name derived from the Greek goddess Venus, the deity of love. Grapes symbolize fertility in many cultures and represent Eros, the god of love and lust. Wine is considered a love potion as it improves blood circulation and creates excitement. 

lust symbols
Win and its effects are often considered a love potion.

Color Symbol of Lust

Blue is the color of lust. However, blue is a versatile color, where each shade represents a different aspect. Some shades of blue stand for loyalty and trust. In Christian art, blue is associated with the Virgin Mary, a symbol of purity and virginity. 

The connection between blue and lust comes from oceans. The feeling of lust is compared to drowning in the vast deepness of the ocean. 

Which Flower Symbolizes Lust?

Calla lilies are white and symbolize lust and sensuality in Roman mythology. Goddess Venus was so jealous of their beauty that she cursed them to have yellow pistils in the center. 

What Animal is Associated with Lust?

Goat and Scorpion

Goats symbolize lust as they denote the devil in Christianity. Male goats (bucks) are playful, virile, and sexually active. These animals are often associated with lust and sex. It’s not clear why scorpions represent lust when they are more known for their aggression and betrayal. However, people with the Scorpio zodiac sign (water element) are considered to have a large sexual appetite. 

lust symbols
Goats can function as a symbol of lust and temptation in Christianity.

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